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Daily Update

25 March 2019

Class Simmond's Local Walk

Tomorrow (Tuesday 26th March) class Simmond's will be walking to and from The Talbot in the morning, please let Mrs Miller or the school office know if you do not want your child to participate - Thank you

11 March 2019

Easter Lunch

Easter Lunch - Friday 5th April We will be having a special Easter lunch on Friday 5th April (This will replace the fish choice) The menu will include - - Roast Pork - Yorkshire Puddings - Gravy - Carrots & Peas ------------------------------------- - Chocolate Easter Nest A reminder will come out a few days before the event, please make sure you have booked your child in for a meal on ParentPay before the actual date.

Key Information


As you will know, we have had a real focus on mental health and well-being in school this year. After collecting children’s views, we can see that our Well-being Week has had a positive impact and more children are aware about what mental health and well-being is and ways to take care of their well-being. Our wonderful team of Pupil Well-being Warriors have also received their training and are out supporting their peers at social times with any problems and to make play time even more fun. To keep up to date with well-being news check out the well-being blog on this website. As always, we’d love to hear your views.

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Action Research

At Malton Community Primary School we are passionate about reflecting on our practice and using what we learn to develop our classroom environments, approaches to teaching and self-development. We are currently working towards the Research Mark and hope to gain this towards the end of this academic year.

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Upcoming Events

01 Apr 2019;
08:00AM - 05:00PM
Class Photos
02 Apr 2019;
09:15AM - 10:30AM
Tots Church
05 Apr 2019;
Easter Lunch
08 Apr 2019;
Readathon Launch

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