Year Four: our final half term!

Jubilations! The bunting is up, the flags are out and not just because that was such a successful half term. This afternoon we will wear our crowns and eat scones baked by Year 6 and celebrate 70 years of the monarch’s reign before a much-deserved week off. Next term: 

Writing The plan shows we’re are basing our writing on three books: Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers, Compost Stew by Mary McKenna Siddals and The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. We’re due to cover two forms of writing, narrative to inform (aka sneaking education inside a story) and poetry. I intend to start with poetry inspired by The Giving Tree so if you see any trees over half term, please get the children to hug them and look carefully at them. 

Enquiry We’ve survived The Tudors and now revert to Geography and will be considering sustainable, renewable fuels: a subject of even more relevance given recent increases in domestic energy bills! 

Science The children will be coming home today with their published version of their stories of hunting, I hope you can see an improvement in their writing since the start of the year. Our next Science topic complements this as we consider predators, prey and food chains. I will prove to the children that we all eat sunshine! 

Computing returns and we’ve already started exploring coding, writing our own instructions to make our own games. 

Music The children are enjoying the music lessons (and the weekly schlep of instruments into school). Please prompt them to show you what they’ve learnt. This will continue throughout the summer term. 

PSHE Having explored how we form and maintain appropriate relationships we’re moving on to consider how we will start to change. 

RE We will use our knowledge of Christianity and Hinduism to compare how each religion considers the journey of life. 

PE This half term, PE is still on Wednesday afternoon and for this the children need: outdoor pumps/trainers, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings, a white T-shirt and black or grey sports sweatshirt.  The children will be preparing their athletic skills for sports day. 

Indoor Shoes Children change into their black indoor shoes when they arrive in the morning.  Changing their shoes helps keep their working environment as clean as possible.  Thank you for sending these in. 

Reading We continue to ask that the children to read three times a week at home and we do monitor this, obviously more is even better though!   

School Uniform School uniform continues to be grey skirt/trousers, white skirt, green jumper, plain black/grey/white socks/tights or green gingham summer wear.  Each child should wear a house or responsibility tie.  Everyone needs a pair of indoor black shoes. 

Water bottles The children keep a water bottle for access during breaks.  We ask that this is not a single use bottle and only contains water. 

Homework Homework is issued on a Friday and due back the following Thursday.  The children review their completed homework in class together and then it returns home should you wish to look at it with your child. 

Times Tables The Government’s national test of the country’s year four children takes place in the three weeks after half term. We plan to have a week of settling back into school and then sit the test. It will be sat in small groups, on Ipads. Do encourage the children to practice but not to worry: they have been preparing for this all year so should have a good knowledge of these number facts/ 

Spellings As ever it wouldn’t be school without weekly spelling tests, the children stick the new words in their Reading Records each week. Thank you for prompting them to practise them at home.  

Please email with any queries or concerns (, or catch me at the classroom door.  I post on the School’s Instagram account so that we can share classroom life! 

Ms Debney