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Whole School Priorities 2023.24

Focus Priority 1 – Improve standards in maths across the school by identifying underachievement more quickly through formative assessment.

Context – Standards in maths were well below national last year by the end of Key Stage 2. QLA shows gaps in children’s understanding of number and in wider areas, this has also been identified to be an issue in other year groups. The school needs a more consistent approach to the teachng of number and staff need support in adapting the current maths scheme to address gaps in learning and ensure a fully consistent approach.

Focus Priority 2:   Further develop the English curriculum to increase effectiveness and provide more clarity around the Writing curriculum.


There are currently an extremely wide range of strategies in place in an attempt to improve teaching and learning. There is the need to streamline the English curriculum and decide on a consistent approach within each subject. The focus of school improvement needs to be based around planning, teaching and learning and assessment in order to make pupil progress the heart of everything.

Focus Priority 3: Develop wider leadership across the school in order to empower staff to check the impact of the curriculum and make independent judgements.

Context: The school has previously experienced an extremely narrow system of leadership where decisions were made solely by a very small number of people. Leadership roles will be distributed across the entire staff therefore creating a system of shared responsibility and open dialogue with regards to school improvements. Again the main focus of school improvement will be on pupil progress.

Focus Priority 4: Adapt the Early years curriculum to ensure that there are planned milestones for the core subjects.

Context: Despite detailed plans in place for the core subjects within the EYFS there is a need to place timescales on the intended learning to ensure the required rigour. For example… By the end of Aut 1 chidren will be able to recognize numbers 1-5 in maths in Nursery.