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Whole School Priorities 2022.23

Focus Priority 1:  Further improve the quality of teaching by increasing the level of professional fidelity. 

Context – Staff need to be enabled to adjust learning mid-lesson, adapt their teaching accordingly to ensure that children achieve as much as possible. This will involve being even clearer as to what the intended learning is and being forensic in the way children’s work is assessed to address errors earlier.  At Malton, we use a 7-part lesson to teach. It is within this that we will integrate key elements of teaching into daily practice so that the quality of teaching will be further enhanced.  The following objectives make use of the EEF ‘Moving Forwards, making a difference’ guidance 22.23. The destination for all of our children is the same but some will need extra support in getting there. 


Focus Priority 2: Increase the effectiveness of assessment in the wider curriculum. 

Context:  Assessments made will depend on the specific subject and will focus specifically on disciplinary and substantive knowledge. Exact assessments will be planned in advance to help teachers adapt plans to help children achieve more. At Malton, we have already established the essential and fundamental knowledge to be gained in each year group, in each subject. We now need to establish the type of knowledge each element can be categorized as and HOW we assess, consistently, whether this minimum amount of knowledge has been achieved within lessons and at the end of units of work.  


Focus Priority 3: Further increase leadership capacity by utilising the support available from the Trust. 

Context: Malton joined the trust in January 2022. The school are in the process of adopting trust procedures and policies which will have a positive impact on standards. Leaders at all levels will work with leaders across the trust to benchmark Malton’s performance with that of other trust schools. This priority will focus on the core subjects and key aspects of school, for example, SEND provision.  This priority will further support collaboration and moderation.