Welcome to Malton Community Primary School

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On Friday 24th January we will be participating in Safer Internet Day.  Children will be enjoying activities about using technology responsibility, respectfully, critically and creatively.  

We have been learning about pioneers and welcome the children to come dressed up, please refer to the letter sent home for ideas.  We would like to ask for a donation of £1 in order to support the purchase of some new headphones to use in the Computer Cafe.

What a busy term we have had so far in Class Simmonds with our enquiry into what makes a good home. In Science we have looked at building materials and at which makes them most suitable for their purpose. We then had an opportunity to visit Broughton Manor building site to have a closer look at the building process and ask lots of questions to the kind site manager. In Geography we have compared physical and natural features of South Africa and England and In History we’ve identified how homes have changed through the years. More recently we have been lucky enough to have a visitor speak to us about the celebration of Holi. The class enjoyed trying on some traditional outfits, celebration snacks and dance moves. 

In Numeracy Year One have been introduced to the two, five- and ten-times tables and are enjoying learning some catching tunes in their daily practice of them. We have been learning how to write number sentences and use pictorial representations of problems. 

Meanwhile we are continuing with our daily read write programme ahead of the national screening test in June. Whilst most of the children have now been introduced to all of the sounds, daily reading at home learning will support this. 

We are looking forward to the upcoming History trip to The Talbot, Malton for which we will be continuing to build on our historical understanding of homes and buildings of the past.

Please can we remind parents that children should not be bringing in toys from home as this can be very disruptive to learning.

Many thanks


Welcome back to one and all,

I hope you have had a lovely summer and are ready for the Autumn Term. I am so delighted to have such an enthusiastic and energetic class full of children.

We have started the year finding out more about ourselves, unpicking the big question: 'Is it good to be me?'. The children have been asking questions about themselves, and their peers, which have led us down the enquiry route of; 'where do I come from in the world?' and; 'what do I love about living in North Yorkshire?' With the help of you at home, we are collating artefacts which give us a glimpse into each individual child's interests, family history and special talents.

In Literacy, we will be using this information when we write a letter of persuation. We will be writing to persuade the audience 'why it is so good to be me'. 

We have been busy scientists as well, since we have come back to school. We started investigating things that were living and dead, and if we could come up with a check list to test if something was alive! These caterpillars are certainly still living and wriggling in our classroom. I wonder what will happen to them?