Who is the SENCo and how can I contact him/her? What policies do we have for identifying children and young people with SEN? How do we assess their needs?

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We welcome parents and carers into our school and encourage them to talk to us about any concerns they may have.

In the first instance, please talk to the class teacher. If you wish to discuss your child’s needs further, please contact our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCo), Miss Rachel Mirfin or Miss Kirsty Smith, who will be able to talk to you in more detail about how we can support children with SEND. You can contact them on the school telephone number: 01653 692582.

Identification and Assessment

We monitor children’s progress regularly to make sure they are making expected progress. If a child is not making expected progress, the class teacher will discuss possible strategies with the Leader for Assessment, Miss Jill Anderson, or the SENCos to support the child in the classroom.

SEN Support

Should the child continue to make less than expected progress, the class teacher will contact parents and carers to discuss the child’s strengths, areas of need and any additional and different provision that should be made for the child, including referral to external agencies. The class teacher and the SENCo may also talk to parents about whether the child should be included on the school’s SEN register. Parents will be invited to regular meetings to discuss the child’s progress.

Parents will be informed from the start of any SEN provision and will be informed of any changes.

Education, Health Care Plans

Sometimes a child will not make progress despite receiving additional support in school. The school will then discuss with parents/carers and external agencies the need to request an Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP). This is usually requested when parents/ carers and professionals feel that the child’s needs cannot be met using resources usually available in mainstream schools. Not all requests for an EHCP result in an actual EHCP.