Summer Term 6

We are sticking with our theme of hands on exploration of the natural world, the children will; touch it, smell it, watch it, care for it and get mucky during their journey of exploration. 

The natural world has a multitude of benefits for the children of 2gether; 

  • Physical Development – enhancing children’s gross and fine motor skills while ensuring their minds are active.   
  • Language and Communication – children develop language through curiosity and investigation.  
  • Understanding the World – Children are natural scientists and great explorers who, while making sense of the world around them, build solid foundations for their learning. 

The children of 2gether are going to help enhance their outside area by sharing their play ideas and leading projects of new adventure and change.  In line with our Curiosity Approach, we are moving away from conventional plastic toys and will include loose parts and open-ended objects and materials where children’s play is extended, they are free to investigate and use all of their senses. 






This term our planning is broken down into fortnightly themes as follows; 

  • On the Farm – we’ll be awakening children’s senses; 
    • Feeling different textures 
    • Listening to different animal sounds 

         Our literacy focus is ‘Where do they go when it rains?’ And, ‘Noisy Farm.’

  • Sunflowers – the children will be creating their own models using loose parts.  Playing with loose parts builds children’s independence and imaginations as they are free to develop their own ideas, narratives and even stories as they play. 

         Our literacy focus is ‘Sunflower Shoots and Muddy Boots.’ And, ‘From Seed to Sunflower.’ 

  • Summer Time – we’ll be making our very own sun hats. Giving children the opportunity to explore different textures will strengthen their motor skills by gripping, holding, squeezing, pulling and manipulating different types of material. 

         ‘Summer’ and ‘Toddle Waddle’ will be our literacy focus.  

Mrs Greatorex and Miss Cook look forward to a term of exploration in the natural world. 

If you would like to contact Mrs Greatorex directly, please do so using email address

Thank you and take care