Summer Term 5

This term is all about hands on exploration of the natural world. 

We are going to get involved in the natural world; touch it, smell it, watch it, care for it and get mucky during our journey of exploration. 

So, what does the natural world offer the children of 2gether? 

  • Exposing children to rich sensory environments not only increases physical development, through gross motor skills, but also ensures children’s minds are active. Children develop language through curiosity and investigation.  
  • Children are natural scientists and great explorers who, while making sense of the world around them, build solid foundations for their learning. 
  • Research suggests that children’s overall health is improved by being outside and that they build stronger autoimmune systems and a resistance to allergies. 

In line with our natural world theme, we have replaced Hall Time with Playground/Field Time. We are really looking forward to using different parts of our school grounds and sharing experiences with the children of 2gether.

Our planning is broken down into the following;

  • Bubbles, the wonder and joy of a floating bubble.  Children will be working together, following instructions and learning to take turns as they strive to produce the perfect bubble for popping.  
  • Irresistible water play – Children will explore the therapeutic benefits of water. Boats, ducks and story stones will enhance children’s creativity whilst developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 
  • Painting with a difference, paint made from fruit. Children’s imaginations and senses will be challenged as they explore colour and colour mixing with paint made from fruit. 
  • Fruit potions offering children endless open-ended opportunities for experimentation. 
  • Butterfly feeders and mini beasts. Learning about and caring for creatures enhances children’s personal connection to the natural world. 

Mrs Greatorex and Miss Cook look forward to a term of exploration in the natural world. 

If you would like to contact Mrs Greatorex directly, please do so using email address

Thank you and take care.