Spring Term 3 and 4

Happy New Year!

It is wonderful to welcome our children after their exciting festivities.

Our friendly environment allows children time to be themselves and we are so pleased with how well they have all settled into our new year routines. A HUGE well done!

We pride ourselves in giving children endless opportunities to learn, develop, grow and be curious through quality open-ended experiences that build on the knowledge and understanding they already have.

Our planning is broken down into the following;

  • Cosy entrance where communication flows
  • Sensory play for discovery and imagination;
    • black galaxy playdough
    • penguin sensory play
    • pattern trails
    • shadows and painting
  • A bear cave with the beautiful story, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ Rarely can we read this story without acting it out
  • Chinese New Year expanding on children’s understanding and awareness of diversity and cultures
  • Shadow play building on gross motor skills and body control
  • Light and reflection, the perfect invitation for magic and wonder

Other books include;

  • Snow Bears
  • Moon
  • How to Catch a Star
  • And Tango makes three
  • That’s not my penguin
  • Guess How Much I Love You



Mrs Greatorex and Miss Cook look forward to another fun-packed term filled with magical memories.

If you would like to contact Mrs Greatorex directly, please do so using email address liz.greatorex@hcat.org.uk.

Thank you and Take Care.