Spring Term 2

We have an exciting and sensory term planned around the topic of ‘Spring.’ 

Spring is a wonderful time of year for exploring, discovering and testing ideas. It offers children the opportunity to learn, first hand, about their bodies, nature, animals and bugs.

As children learn through their senses, they gain a greater understanding of the environment around them. With plants in bloom, bulbs sprouting and animals and bugs becoming more active our natural environment is a unique platform to teach children about care for living things whilst developing their social and emotional skills. Let’s not forget the value of physical development in the great outdoors and the overall health benefits to children. 

Our planning is broken down into the following; 

  • Pancake playdough where sensory play ignites discovery and wonder
  • Small World play developing children’s imaginations 
  • Bulb painting for brain stimulation and creativity 
  • Bulb and spring flower planting increasing independence and care for the natural world 
  • Sheep shearing activities to aid children’s fine motor skills 
  • Small soft toys developing children’s role play experiences 
  • Hot cross buns (buttering and cutting) increasing children’s independence 

What’s new; oral health – developing children’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of dental hygiene will help to prevent tooth decay or even tooth loss. Healthy teeth are important for chewing, speech and children’s self-esteem. 

Mrs Greatorex and Miss Cook look forward to a sensory fun-packed term. 

If you would like to contact Mrs Greatorex directly, please do so using email address liz.greatorex@hcat.org.


Thank you and take care.