Road safety week October 2021

In October we held a Road safety week which was a great success! This will be now an annual event as we as a school feel it is vitally important. As we see the issues outside our school everyday.

Above are photos from or Truck training day! A truck with a trailer on is the same length as a Humpbacked whale and as tall as a giraffe and weighs the same as 7 elephants! It would take a loaded truck travelling at 20 mph from our carpark to the end of the car park in St Mary’s to stop! Scary thought!

School Council met Ian Conlan a Councillor who is campaigning for a 20mph speed limit where people walk, live and go to school!


Dennis Distribution a local haulage company have supplied the school with enough Hi-Viz waistcoats for every people in our school. We cannot thank them enough for their kindness. They have also offered to support us in any way they can! The waistcoats will be used on any trips we have. Some have been used already by 2gether and YR 4.