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Who should I talk to?

The most important contact you have in school is your child’s class teacher. They should be the first person who you speak to regarding your child’s academic development or particular need. Class teachers are happy to speak to you directly after school. Please bear in mind it can be very difficult finding time before school to talk to parents as organising 30 children coming in to school requires a lot of attention!

We are very lucky at Malton Community Primary School to have a wide range of staff who lead different areas of our school. If you have a specific question, this page will help you find the person who will be able to help you most effectively.

Academic Issues

I’d like to talk to someone about Read Write Inc

I’d like to talk to someone about reading

I’d like to talk to someone about writing

I’d like to talk to someone about maths

I’d like to talk to someone about PE in school / Sports Events

My child is receiving extra support in school. Who is in charge of this?

Administrative Issues

I’d like to talk to someone about my child joining the school

I have a question about school lunches/payment for school dinners

I need to talk to someone about a trip

I’d like to buy some school uniform

I’d like to volunteer to support the school

My child need to take medicine during the school day

Behaviour/Pastoral Support

I have a question about behaviour in school
My child is being bugged by another child


Mrs Peacock is a member of our administration team. She is responsible for all admission enquiries. Mrs Peacock can be easily contacted on the main school telephone number between 8.45am and 2.00pm. 

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Mrs Spiller is a member of our administration team. She is responsible for CRB clearance checks, which form an integral part of our safeguarding policy and should be the first contact point for someone wishing to volunteer to work with us.

Mrs Spiller can be most easily contacted on the main school telephone number between 8.30am and 4.00pm.

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School Uniform

School uniform is now supplied by School Shop, you can order new uniform directly from their website, which can be found at http://www.school-shop.co.uk

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Read Write Inc.

Miss Anderson holds the responsibility for co-ordinating Read, Write Inc. across the school. If you have a question about Read Write Inc. – from what it is, to how it’s taught or how you can support at home – please speak to Miss Anderson.

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Miss Anderson has responsibility for reading for those children who have completed the Read Write Inc. program.

If you have a question about reading then the best way to contact Miss Anderson is by leaving a message with our admin team. She will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Back to the top. Miss Davis has responsibility for leading Maths in our school. Please see the 'Our Curriculum' section of the website for links that can help you to support your children at home. Miss Mogg will also be very happy to answer any questions that you may have about Maths but as she is a class teacher, the best way to contact her is by leaving a message with our admin team. She will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.

PE, Sports and University of Life

Mrs Miller is our P.E. lead. She is responsible for the development of sports and P.E. in our school. She organises our school’s representation at sporting fixtures with other local primary schools.


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Additional Support

Miss Glass coordinates the provision for Special Educational Needs across the school. This means that class teachers may ask for support to ensure they are providing the best possible provision for all pupils, but she also coordinates any extra support given to pupils to ensure they are making the best possible progress.

If your child has been identified as having specific extra needs, Miss Glass will contact you and may either identify herself as your primary contact in school or inform you of which member of staff will be available to support you and your child.

If you have concerns about the progress your child is making, please speak to your child’s class teacher. The teacher will then raise these concerns with Miss Glass who will orchestrate the provision made for your child. Please do not approach her directly.

Miss Glass leads our specialist learning support team who run interventions working with children with specific development needs. She is also working directly with parents, organising the ‘By Parents For Parents’ support group. Miss Glass is also spearheading our work to ensure we are a dyslexia friendly school.

Miss Glass may not always be available in school. The best way to contact her is to send and email to admin@maltonprimary.org with the subject marked ‘FAO: Miss Glass’

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Mrs Wright is one of our Assistant Headteachers and takes a lead on behaviour in school. Mrs Wright is Acting Teacher in Charge of our enhanced provision for Social, Emotional and Mental Health support. 

Mrs Wright are the final port of call before the headteacher with any concerns about behaviour. Parents should always speak to their child’s class teacher with any concerns, as this is the most effective way for us as a school to deal with any concerns. Staff will speak to Mrs Wright for any support they may feel is required in due course.

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Miss Mirfin is the member of staff in charge of anti-bullying. She is focused on continuing to develop our excellent reputation as a school which does not have, or condone, any forms of bullying. Children are taught to discriminate between bugging and bullying, and are taught a variety of strategies to support themselves in any situation. As with any question about your child, the first port of call for any concern should be your child’s class teacher, as they are most effectively placed to deal with the situation quickly and effectively. 

If you do feel that you need to speak to Miss Mirfin directly, it is best if you are able to contact her via the school office to arrange an appointment. She will endeavour to see you as quickly as possible.

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