As we are living in uncertain times at the moment and transition to secondary school is different this year. Mrs Carpenter decided to share a tip book on the website for you and child, as usually they get a copy from me to leave with. Please click on the link below to access this:


Transition Club:

As you know if your child attended transition club with Mrs Carpenter, we had to stop running the club just before we found out schools were to shut. Mrs Carpenter found this very hard and knew how much the children needed this to continue. in the club Mrs Carpenter uses a programme and this often means they have work sheets, which she knows help. She thought she could make 2 worksheet books in the hope they may help.  Please click on the 2 links below for access for these books;


Transition and road safety:

Mrs Carpenter had ideas about walking the children up to secondary school to show them the way if they were unsure, but to also explain the road system and give them safety tips. But this obviously cannot happen, so, therefore another book was produced. This contains photos starting from Primary and all the road junctions along the way, with tips expalining how the road works and which way they need to look. It goes up to the Sports Hall and along the road as though they are going to the hospital. There are photos of the East Wing entrance and West Wing entrance. This again has been uploaded to letters the link is below:


Malton school:

Have been sending out a link to their youtube channel were there are some videos these include a virtual tour of the school, meeting the staff, how to tie your tie, what you need in your bag and what you need in your pencil case etc. The link below takes you to their youtube channel:                                           


Book recommendation:

This book is by Matthew Burton he is the Head teacher from Educating Yorkshire. He has written this book for the pupils it covers all about transition and can also be used through out secondary school life. It is funny in parts.









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Friday, 14 August 2020