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Cultural Capital trips update

At Malton Community Primary School we believe all children should be given opportunities to enrich their lives through a broad and diverse range of exciting experiences. The role of the Cultural Capital Coordinator is to ensure that such experiences are available to ALL children. Where possible, Pupil Premium money is used to provide free or subsidised transport for all pupils. Pupil Premium children receive access to trips and visits at a significantly reduced rate. (If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium funding speak to the staff in reception).

Such experiences have shown to be beneficial in improving writing outcomes by enriching pupil’s vocabulary and giving them opportunities to learn in different environments.

Mrs Ring  


March 2019


We have has a very busy term so far! On Tuesday 12th March we had a visit from Yasmien Bagh Ali. Yasmien did a whole school assembly about her back ground and culture. She then ran workshops throughout the day for the KS1 classes. Throughout the workshop children did printing, Arabic writing, Bollywood dancing and looked at Islamic costumes. All the children enjoyed the day and took part with great enthusiasm. They asked some very good questions which illustrated their interest in a culture that is different to their own.



December 2018 

At the beginning of December class Simmonds visited St. Mary’s Church in Old Malton to find out more about the features of the church and what happens in a church. Reverend Diggins was there to show them around and answer any questions.


Class Diggins also visited St. Mary’s the following week to do a similar investigation. They spent some time trying to find the carved mice that are hidden around the church.


Class Simmonds have also visited Hope Central to take part in their Christmas journey. It was very exciting! The children became time travellers and used a sonic screwdriver to travel back to the time of the birth of Jesus. They met a very naughty camel called Humphrey ,as well as a wise man, King Herod, a shepherd and Mary and Joseph. After all that excitement they had a cup cake to revive themselves before doing some Christmas crafts.


This week all the children in KS1 and KS2 have visited the Cinema to see ‘The Grinch’. It was a lovely end to the term and the children thoroughly enjoyed the film. It is surprising how many of our children had never experienced the cinema before and it was wonderful to see how much they enjoyed it.




October 2018


The children in class Adams spent a morning or afternoon session at Malton Cookery School last week. It was part of their enquiry entitled ’A pastry tour of Britain’. They had a wonderful time learning how to make pastry and then turn it into a sweet pasty and a savoury pasty. The ladies at the Cookery school also demonstrated how to make a Choux pastry. As a follow up to this visit the children have worked on designs for their own pasty, which had a savoury filling at one end and a sweet filling at the other. #star bakers #pupil premium.



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