Where is our place in the world?


We have had a busy couple of weeks since we returned from Easter. Some of the children have been having fun investigating the challenges a Moto GP rider would face and what we would have to do to become one! Others have been investigating animlas which live in extreme environments and which challenges they face.

Thank you for all of the lovely home learning which the children are continuing to bring in on a Monday morning. It is very obvious that they have enjoyed finding out and exploring our key questions during this enquiry.

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Class Chancellor update

Enquiry (including Science)

Class Chancellor have been working hard through our Enquiries. We are currently immersing ourselves in the Ancient God’s of Rome and how they influenced Myths and Legends of the time. I wonder what our Enquiry question is going to be.

Class Chancellor have also become teachers – using Blooms Taxonomy to structure deep and meaningful questions about our Enquiry. Ask them at home what this means!

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Strong work ethic

Before I mention what we have been up to recently I just want to illiterate how hard the Year 6 have worked- every single one of them! We are coming up to a potentially challenging time in the school year and all of Class Saunders are ready for the challenge!


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The Bog Baby

The children have really enjoyed our most recent enquiry, in which we have explored the challenges faced by the Bog Baby and other animals. Following our school trip to the Arboretum, we considered where we had found the Bog Baby and what his habitat was like.


The children expressed their interest in the homes of different animals and we have considered how to use books and the internet to gather information about animals’ habitats. Year One children have applied this in their story writing and have each written their own story about an animal and its habitat, considering the challenges their animal might face.

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Spring Is Here!

Over the last couple of weeks the children have shown a real interest in changes in the environment. They have discussed changes in the weather and have noticed new growth in our outdoor area.


The children have been on a Spring walk and can now name flowers associated with Spring, such as Daffodils, Tulips, Daisies, Snowdrops and the blossom on the trees.

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