Home Learning 29th March 2019

  1. This week for home learning your child will be brininging home a sheet with the non-chronological report about Spring festivals to learn for Monday.
  2. Maths - also some fraction work. Please support your child in these activities. The maths need not come back to school but should be completed to consolidate the work we have been doing in class this week.
  3. Regular reading
  4. TTRS
  5. Spellings - homophones or near homophones




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A class full of storytellers

Class Fletcher have had a busy couple of weeks with Mrs Bland.  They are now superb storytellers.  The children have become experts is retelling and writing stories based on the Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks and the three bears.  As well as telling stories the children have explored character descriptions and writing simple instructions.


To help save the Billy Goats from the Troll the children decided to grow their own grass.  During the growing process children have developed their observation and scientific skills.  They have also noticed how plants differ from each other and have drawn detail pictures to label the similarities and differences.

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Pop Art!

Our colour enquiry is developing well in Class Adams. The children thoroughly enjoyed their Holi celebration and have now begun to explore how colour hit the world after World War II in the form of Pop Art. They were not sure that they would enjoy being Pop artists but they’re slowly changing their minds. This week we have discovered the works of Warhol and Lichtenstein and used the iPads to electronically change a picture in the style of Andy Warhol. 
pop art 2


Home Learning 22 March 2019

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What did the Mayans do for us?

Welcome to class Walliams Spring term update!



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What makes a 'good place to live' 'good'?

Hello One and All,

Happy Spring!

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