Could reading more affect our mental health ?

When we all lead busy lives, it's difficult to find the time to do activities which improve our mental health. Often going for a run, a walk or meet friends isn't practical after work and when there are commitments at home. However, this podcast presented by Niamh Hughes and Beth Rose with blogger Harriet Allner and Dr Paula Byrne talks about "how a good book could be a good thing," in boosting your mental health from the comfort of your own home. 

Wellbeing team

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Wellbeing - what's it all about ?



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Summer Term: SATS, plays and trips!

The summer term is finally here, and for our year 6's - the final term of their Primary School career.

In the run up to SATS we are aiming to keep our day structured the same as before. Morning lessons are revising all of the core subjects covered so far in the year, but the usual Enquiry, DT and P.E lessons are continuing as normal on the afternoons. 

The children have worked really hard this year, and the progress they have made has been phenomenal. Thank you to all the support we have had from home too.

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Who was it?

Class Wilbur have loved their last enquiry. It all began on a bright, cold wintery morning. The children arrived in school to discover their classroom had become a crime scene!

The children could not believe what had happened and soon began to speculate.  The children had recieved a message to say that the culprit was a character from a book on their bookshelf!  We looked at the clues; messy floor, muddy footprints, pots and pans thrown on the ground and a broken chair.  We then discovered that Izzy the woodland elf was also missing!  The children soon put their writing skills into practice and made signs, posters and maps. There was a real purpose for their writing.

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Creative writers

We have finished our enquiry around I Wonder with some shared writing and a visit to the cinema to watch the film. Can I thank all the parents who have supported their children to create their own creative write projects at home.

This enquiry we are looking at becoming creative writers and twisting the traditional tales. Some of our wonders so far are, “Why is the step mother always evil?”, “Why is the hero always a man?” and “Are fairy tales the same in different countries?”  So far the children have been immersed in fairy tales through our classroom environment and have already created a twisted fairytale newspaper article.

Core subjects

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