Four Wheels or Four legs?



What a busy Autumn Term we have had so far! 

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PHSE update

Welcome to the first PHSE update of the year. This page will be updated regularly so that we can share the variety of ways in school that we promote pupils’ personal, health and social education.


Our curriculum for PHSE

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Class Farah

Hello everybody,


This week has been another fun packed journey through the exciting world of education. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody in class Farah for their hard work so far. We have just finished our fantastic diaries about our time on a desert island. I am very excited to get stuck into our newpaper reports. In maths, we are coming to the end of place value now but I have been every impressed with everyones reasoning and problem solving skills. As well as this, I am looking forward to continuing our study of the human body in science. We have had some shocking results by the children in our enquiry driven science area. I can't beleive Cokeacola has 57g of sugar in a small bottle. Also, we saw how it dissolved the shell of an egg!

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Welcome to Class Hussain

Hello and welcome to Class Hussain blog!

Our Enquiry this term has started by looking at how we would survive on a desert island. The children blew me away with their knowledge of clean fresh water, being able to eat plants and animals and creating shelters and fires! So for our Enquiry we had to really challenge ourselves.

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Ou Habites Tu?

Hello to all of you now in Team Adams!


We (Mrs Breckon and Miss Harrison) are delighted to be teaching Year 4 and so far, after a great transition period and restful summer, have hit the ground running!

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