How did the First World War affect lives on the home front?

As our theme is Overcoming Challenge this half term, we have been inspired by the challenges faced by millions of people across the world during World War One. In class we have been particularly focussed on the questions of ‘How did the First World War change peoples’ lives?’ and ‘What was life like during the war for families and children on the Home Front?’ 


Amazingly, we have discovered that many women until 1914, were not in employment. However, due to the numbers of men that had to go and fight, there was no option but to ask the women to do the traditionally men’s jobs. These were roles such as factory workers, bus drivers and nurses both at home and on the front. We also used our researching skills to discover more about the women the world remembers and what they did during this time that was so important – ask us about Eva Haverfield, Elsie Inglis and Edith Cavell. There’s still more learning to do however and we’re looking forward to investigating the roles children had during this time and how their lives were affected by the war. We have also produced some lovely silhouette artwork as part of our creative Remembrance and are looking forward to sharing this with you during our landing on 7th December. 

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Were children happy during World War One?

Class Simmonds have been really enjoying getting stuck into our WW1 enquiry and are really looking forward to presenting our learning to parents on Friday 14th December at 9:15am. We have been learning about what schools, food and homes were like back then and how they compare to our experiences now. 

All children have now had an opportunity to experience a practice phonics screening test which has helped us re-group the children and ensure they are now in groups which best meet their reading needs. We are hosting a reading evening on Tuesday 4th December at 5pm, where children come in pyjamas; have hot chocolate and a story whilst parents find out more about our reading programme at the school. Class Simmonds are now lucky enough to have four parent reading helpers in school for which we are most grateful.

In Numeracy we have been focussing our attention on number and place value. Children have been learning their two times tables and developing their knowledge of number bonds to ten. It would be fantastic if children were continuing to practise their multiplication tables at home.

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Class Walliams Autumn 2

Class Walliams have been so busy this Autumn!


This term we are exploring the First World War. The children have been asking the following questions:

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On a dark, dark night . . .

Nursery have been enjoying the changes in the seasons.  We have noticed how the afternoons are becoming darker and colder!


To launch our enquiry into the dark lots of children joined in for our autumn story and fireworks.  It was great to experience the outside area in the dark alongside the firepit!

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Celebrations and anniversaries in class Fletcher

We have already had such a busy term of learning in Class Fletcher. We have been looking closely at the celebrations and anniversaries which have occurred since half-term including: Halloween, Bonfire night, Diwali and Remembrance. We have explored many poems and songs which have helped us understand these events and why we celebrate them. We have also expressed ourselves about these events through art and design.


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