Are our children getting a balanced diet of play?

When there are so many devices and toys available, how do we ensure our children are getting the right kinds of play to develop? This interesting article talks about the games and toys specifically designed to encourage talk about feelings and extend attention span whilst others encourage creativity and recycling using the simplest of materials. There are also top tips on how to be more mindful!

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ZzZzZz Sleep ZzZzZz.....

We all know how terrible you can feel after one nights disturbed sleep but what effect does this actually have on our bodies? “A few nights of bad sleep can really mess with our blood sugar control and encourage us to overeat. It even messes with our DNA. “ (BBC 1.11.17) Lack of sleep can significantly alter your mood and stress levels.

Sleep is vital and even more so for children whose bodies and brains are still developing. Read more here about the effect of sleep on our wellbeing...

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Tips on limiting screen time...



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Social Media

Most of us love social media and use it daily. It’s a fabulous way to stay in contact with family and friends and share the things that are important to us. However, sometimes the airbrushed nature of social media can make change our perspective on things and doesn’t always promote positive wellbeing. Our social media feeds tend to be filled with only positive, air brushed images which isn’t great for our self esteem and doesn’t reflect reality.

“Facebook, which has 1.49 billion daily active users according to September 2018 figures, has acknowledged that social media can be bad for users' mental health.” (BBC article 30.12.18)

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Can technology affect our WELLBEING ?


This fascinating article tackles a subject that is becoming more and more problematic. We spend longer on our phones than ever before because we can do so much but how is it affecting our relationships with the people around us and our wellbeing?

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