Can I tell you a story

Welcome back Class Fletcher for the second half of the Spring term.  We hope that all the children and their families had a lovely half term break and enjoyed the lovely, warm sunshine.


Last week the children celebrated Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day.  Over the course of the week the children shared their favourite stories in class as well as preparing and eating their own pancakes.  Towards the end of the week the children enjoyed a classic children's picture book "The Tiger who came to to tea." The children were challenged to write a shopping list for Sophie's mum, just incase the tiger came back! The children also began to compose and write their own simple sentences retelling the story and then made up their own oral versions with different animals visiting!  In numeracy we looked at repeating patterns, children were challenged to copy, complete and create their own repeating patterns.  Throughout the process children were challenged to articulate their mathematical reasoning.

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Should we see everything in black and white?

Our new enquiry asks the big question 'should we see everything in black and white?'

During this enquiry we will be addressing other questions such as what would the world be like in black and white?, what if everything was either right or wrong?, why do we need colour? and how do we celebrate colour?. We will be exploring these concepts through art, religion and even philosophy!

Next week we will be immersing ourselves fully in the colourful celebration of Holi.

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Power Down Pete and Innovation Day

On Thursday we had a visit from Power Down Pete, the North Yorkshire energy saving hero. He came in to do an assembly all about how we can help save the planet from the effects of global warming. We all went away with lots of new information and facts about how we are all contributing to the health of our planet.

Hopefully the children will have gone home and you told all about the assembly and maybe even encouraged you as a family to make small changes which, collectively will make a big difference. 


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Class Adams Update and home learning.

We have come to the end of a busy half term. We had a fantastic trip to Ryedale Folk Museum on Wednesday. Remember to look at the Malton Primary School twitter feed (@maltonprimary) to keep updated daily with what we are doing in class. 


Following our work on Anglo Saxons this half term, we would like you to consider these questions and return to school with a 30 second presentation prepared after half term. You can have written notes and/or posters and pictures to help you. You will be rewarded with house points for effort.

- would you like to have lived in the Anglo Saxon period?
- how did the Anglo Saxons change Britain?
- can you see evidence of Anglo Saxons in your lives? E.g do you do/have things that Anglo Saxons would have had/done. 
- were they vicious or victorious... or both?

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Home Learning and updates 15.2.2019

  • Please remeber to bring your Anglo Saxon costume in to wear on Tuesday for our landing.
  • We have our school trip to Ryedale Folk Museum on Wednesday please dress for the weather.
  • Some people are still bringing juice in their water bottles rather than water.
  • P.E. bags can be taken home on Thursday for washing over half term because we do not have P.E. on Friday due to innovation day.


Home Learning:

  1. TTRS
  2. Regular reading. Get an adult to ask you questions about what you have read.
  3. Spellings: 'sure'. Write a sentence for each of these spellings.
  • measure
  • treasure
  • pleasure
  • leisure
  • closure
  • enclosure
  • exposure
  • measurement
  • leisurely