What did the Mayans do for us?

Welcome to class Walliams Spring term update!



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What makes a 'good place to live' 'good'?

Hello One and All,

Happy Spring!

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Year 6. What do you feel strongly about?

Hello everyone,


The most wonderfully moving thing about my class is their ability to empathise and I wanted them to somehow utilise this in lessons; we all know how much there is to gain when you play to your strengths. But how to do it? That was the question.

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Adams Home Learning 15th March 2019

Make a phone.

In science we have been learning that sound is made when an object vibrates. These vibrations travel through the air and other media as waves until they reach the outer ear.

Have a go at making a paper cup phone to show this happening. You will need two paper cups, some inelastic string or fishing wire and two paper clips. Make a hole in the base of each cup, thread through the string and tie a paper clip inside the cup to prevent the string from detaching. Pull the string taut and have one person speak into one of the cups while you listen through the other. The cups can be used to communicate over distances of up to 30m. The paper cup phone works by transmitting sound vibrations along a tightly-pulled string.

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Once Upon a Time

Welcome back to school Class Potter, we hope that you all had a wonderful half term break and enjoyed the glorious weather.


This half term we shall be exploring different traditional tales that will enable children to develop a good understanding of how stories are structured.  Children will be learning to retell stories using props within the classroom and those that they make themselves. As they develop their understanding of stories they will learn how different characters behave and the effect their behaviour then has on others.  You can support us at home by reading and sharing books regularly with the children, talking about the pictures and also events in the story.  The cbeebies website has some lovely story ideas that you can do at home with your child.

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