Who was it?

Class Wilbur have loved their last enquiry. It all began on a bright, cold wintery morning. The children arrived in school to discover their classroom had become a crime scene!

The children could not believe what had happened and soon began to speculate.  The children had recieved a message to say that the culprit was a character from a book on their bookshelf!  We looked at the clues; messy floor, muddy footprints, pots and pans thrown on the ground and a broken chair.  We then discovered that Izzy the woodland elf was also missing!  The children soon put their writing skills into practice and made signs, posters and maps. There was a real purpose for their writing.

Our predictions for the culprit included; Jack Frost, a naughty wolf, a troublesome troll, greedy bears and Goldilocks.  After reading a few stories, talking and sharing ideas we think the culprit may have been Goldilocks!


On Monday we recieved a message from Izzy who needed our help. Goldilocks is trying to make porridge but doesn't know how, could we help her?  To enable the children to help Izzy we enlisted the help of Mrs Ring who taught the children how to make porridge in the microwave. We are now in the process of writing instructions. All the children now are able to use their phonic knowledge to sound out and spell simple words, they still need help with letter formation so please support your child with this at home.  Some children are now writing simple sentences but need prompting to leave spacing between words.


This half term we have also been working hard on developing a numeracy skills.  We are now recognising numbers up to 20 and beyond!  Don't forget to point out numbers with your child to ensure they are secure with this.  We have also learnt how to read and solve addition and subtraction number sentences using a range of concrete objects to help us.  As part of our addition work we have also learnt how to double!  This week we are looking at capacity and learning to use words to compare eg full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty and place containers in order.

Don't forget to look at your child's learning journal. If you have not yet logged on to EEXAT or need the sign in details again please come and see us.  We would really appreciate your observations from home as this helps us build up a whole picture of your child. Thank you to those parents who are doing this already.


A quick reminder that children's reading books and yellow record books must be in school daily so we can monitor which children are reading and that they have the correct level of reading book. Please sign the record books each time your child has read. It is really important that children practice their reading skills at home as well as in school. We do encourage that children read their book several times, this helps children to develop self confidence and fluency.  By the third read children are then able to demonstrate an understanding of what they have read themselves.


Many thanks for your continued support this half term.



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Monday, 02 August 2021