What's in the garden?

We have already had busy start to the term in class Fletcher. It has been lovely to hear about all of the interesting activities you have been up to over the Easter holidays. The children have been full of beans!


Our enquiry this half-term is exploring what we can find in the garden during Spring. We have already hit the ground running by discussing what the children have seen over the holidays and looking at what is new in our outdoor area. This week we have been investigating plants and what they need to survive. We will be planting our own seeds in preparation for planting in the garden area. Any donations of soil, bark, seeds, plants, decorative pots will be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to turn our planters into a sensory area exploring taste, smell and touch; so we would gratefully accept any plants which could help with this. We will then be moving onto birds, nesting and mini-beasts.



We are continuing with our Read Write Inc session each morning where children are learning new sounds daily. We will be consolidating the sounds: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou, and oy. Some children are finding the 'special friends': th, ch, qu, ng, nk,  and sh difficult to spot when reading so look out for words containing these sounds when looking at books together. 

Alongside our Enquiry we will be learning how to give instructions this half-term. We are giving the children opportunities to give instructions accurately to their peers and encouraging them to use the correct vocabulary. Practise this with your child at home when playing games and following recipes. 



We will be focusing on problem solving involving doubling, halving and sharing in our number work. We will also be consolidating the children's understanding of the numbers 0-20 and practising counting forwards and backwards. We will also begin to introduce counting in 2s. Please continue to incorporate number into the children's play and real-life experiences at home. We will also be focusing heavily on measures during the whole of the summer term. We will be providing them with opportunities to discuss size, weight, capacity, distance, time and money. We will also be comparing quantities and solving problems. This is an area of the curriculum which lends itself to all of the everyday practical activities you already do at home so get the children joining in and talking about it!


PE lessons

This term we will be introducing the children to their first PE lessons where they will need to get changed! This is in preparation for their transition into Year 1. Mr Allman will be teaching the children key skills of control and co-ordination as well as how to keep their PE kit and uniform in one place! Further information will be provided via text of the exact date. However, all the children will need is a white top and black shorts- we will not be going outside for our sessions. Your child's indoor shoes will suitable for this session so please do not send in additional trainers. 




We will begin collecting money next week for our 'special snack' sessions. Many of the children were keen to try new foods last term during these sessions and they learnt new skills whilst preparing. We are asking for a contribution of £1 for the term for each child. A sign up sheet will be available from next week. 

Thank you to all of those families who have contributed to their child's learning journeys. Your comments, pictures and videos give us valuable evidence as we begin to assess the children against their Early Learning Goals leading up to the end of the year. Often children will say and do things which we either miss at school or they are not as keen to share. By providing us with this information, we can get a glimpse of the whole child and what their current interests are.

We will be holding a maths evening for Nursery and Reception parents on Tuesday 21st (more I formation to follow). As well as explaining how we teach number in the early years, we will also be discussing expectations for their new year groups in the year to come.

A big thank you to everybody who joined us at the end of term for our Easter craft afternoon. It was lovely to see so many parents and family members joining in and enjoying themselves almost as much as the children.

Please can we ask that you send you child to school with a sensible coat. Some have been turning up on warm days without them and it has later rained in the day. This means we have been unable to access the outdoor area at certain times.

Also a big thank you to those parents who are frequently reading at home with their children and practising their key words. We are changing books on a Monday and Thursday. Please write in your child’s reading record if you have completed a book and we can then change them.


Attendance update

Good attendance plays a large part in your child’s achievement. We do understand that illness is unavoidable but even 1 day of missed learning will result in your child having to work even harder to catch up on important learning.

Last term Class Fletcher’s attendance was: 93% significantly below the 96.5% we aim for in Malton Primary. Thank you again to all of those parents who value good attendance and arriving to school on time.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Reception team.



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Saturday, 19 October 2019