What makes a 'good place to live' 'good'?

Hello One and All,

Happy Spring!

I hope you are all well and enjoying all of the daylight hours.

We have started the half term in India! Last term's enquiry found us initially exploring the country (or more accurately; sub-continent!), so we are already armed with some knowledge of India. Ram and the Banyan Tree led our writing and we are now embarking on writing a detailed description of a forest. I have been so impressed with the children's 'cold write' around this as they have remembered so many of the skills we have been learning and practising. We are fast becoming masters of our writers' toolbox!

Times Table Rock Stars has become the buzz in Diggins, and it is really easy to spot the children who have been logging on to the website and practising at home. If you have any difficulties or questions around this, just let me know and I'll help out. We are starting to investigate fractions during lesson times next week. Most of us in Diggins have heard the terms 'half' and 'quarter' and now we are starting to recognise this in fraction form. We are using lots of practical approaches such as cutting a pizza into 4 pieces. Please bring halves and quarters (and thirds!) into your daily routines whenever possible. 

It was great to see so many of you at our previous landing, where we tasted our carefully designed and crafted mango lassis! I thought they were delicious but this opinion was not shared with everyone! We continue to be inspired by India for our current enquiry, and are now exploring the big question: Could I live in India? Through discussion, we started to think about how we could even begin to answer this if we didn't know much about the country. Which led us in turn to asking; what makes a place to live a 'good' place - which factors would we need to know more about to enable us to answer this? We are going to look at a forest village in the south of the country as a direct example and compare this to our lives in Ryedale. Last week, we were lucky enough to try some Indian sweets, dancing, art and (best of all) we got to try on these beautiful traditional Indian clothes. We look forward to sharing this all with you at our next landing.


The exciting words on everyone’s lips are ‘Resurrection Rocks’! Ask your child all about their role in the performance. A letter will be coming home this week with information about costume requirements for your child. I thank you all in advance for your support with this. As always; any questions please ask me at drop off or pick up times.

Thanks to everyone who is continuing with home reading. Please remember to record any amount of reading in reading records. This includes reading any text type, not just home readers. PE is still happening on a Monday afternoon. Children are very welcome to leave their kits in school for the half term (unless they get muddy of course!). This might help to prevent kits being left at home, which is still happening.

Sending lots of spring time good wishes to you all,

Miss Smith



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Saturday, 06 June 2020