What fun can be had in the dark?

This half term we are exploring the question "What fun can be had in the dark?". The children have already discovered that the dark can be exciting as they have celebrated Halloween and Bonfire Night.


Over the past couple of weeks the children have confidently been talking about their own experiences of the dark.  During Halloween we explored some exciting activities in the classroom that supported our literacy and numeracy skills. Children became expert potion makers and created lists of ingredients that would be needed using their phonic knowledge to write.


We have also talked about our own firework experiences and shared our knowledge and understanding through a variety of ways; painting, dancing and telling stories.


This half term we will be revisiting the initial sounds that we learnt in phonics to ensure all children are secure with recognising and writing letters. We have also been practicing how to sound out and blend simple words eg m-a-t for reading and use fred fingers to sound out and segment sounds for spelling.  We are also encouraging children to write for a clear purpose eg making lists, cards, simple story books or notes to each other.


In numeracy we will be continuing to secure our knowledge of numbers to 10 and learning to add and subtract using objects. The last couple of weeks we have looked at 2D shapes and 3D shapes learning their names and also learning mathematical language to describe their properties.


Please don't forget that you can keep upto date with what your own child has been learning at school  by viewing their online learning journey.  Codes were given out to parents at parents evening. If you have not recieved your code please ask us for this.  We would also love to see what they get up to at home so please send in your own photos and observations through the EEXAT parental app.  If you would require more help with this please see either of us at the end of the day, we will be happy to help.


Reading books are changed on Mondays and Thursdays, please make sure that you share reading books with your child at home and that you sign the yellow record book. A big thank you to all children and parents who have begun to complete their adventure books it has been lovely to share home experiences and children are really keen to share these with their friends.


Over the next couple of weeks we shall be sending out letters and information with key dates for the rest of this term, including our Christmas celebrations so please look in book bags for these.


Mrs Smith and Miss Glass



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Monday, 02 August 2021