Welcome to Acorns!

Welcome to Class Acorns! We can not wait to see you all!


We hope you are all keeping well and are looking forward to joining Class Acorns in September as much as we are!

This is usually the time of year where the Nursery team would be meeting you and your adults to show you around our lovely classroom and to meet the adults in school. This year is a very strange year and we have been thinking about the best ways to show you what will be happening when you join us in September. 


We hope that the information below will give you an idea of the sorts of fun things we will be doing together and the adult you will be working with.


Who will my teacher be?

Your teacher is called Mrs Vasconcelos. Her hair is very long at the moment so she will probably look a little different in September (hopefully!)

I love the colour pink, camping, canoeing, cycling and lots of other activities. I really like getting outdoors and exploring nature and I look forward to doing it with you in our lovely outdoor area. 

Miss Glass will also be teaching you on Tuesday Morning and every other Tuesday afternoon. 

Hello, my name is Miss Glass. I have been working at Malton Community Primary School for 13 years, beginning in Early Years. I worked as an Early Years Leading Teacher for a number of years and I am so happy to be back helping out in nursery and reception; it is a passion of mine!
I am currently the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) for the school so I am happy to talk to you about any concerns you may have. Please feel free to come and chat to me or make an appointment to see me if you need any help or guidance in this area.


Who else will be working with me?

Mrs Davidson will be with you every morning. She will be your teaching assistant.

I live in Malton and I have 2 Black Labradors called Poppy and Skye which I enjoy walking. I have an allotment in Old Malton beacuse I love gardening.


Mrs Williamson will be with you every afternoon. She is also a teaching assistant. 

 I first started my journey of working in early years with my own childminding business back in 2002. In September 2012 I joined the Malton CP early years team. I have worked in nursery, reception and 2gether. I look forward to seeing you all in September!



What will my provision look like?

The classroom looks very different at the moment so we have not taken a photo to show you. We can promise that it will be fun, safe and exciting! 


This is the door you will enter every morning. 

You will have to leave your mummy, daddy or adult on the playground at the gate, but we will keep you safe and look after you. 

This is the gate that you will leave our adult at. 


You will also be able to play in our wonderful outdoor area! In Nursery, we play in all weathers, so it's a good idea to bring raincoats and wellington boots on rainy days. 



Nursery have their own toilets where adults will help you to go to the toilet by yourself. They will also help to teach you how to change your shoes and put your coat on. 


What will happen if I am staying for lunch?

Mrs Davidson will be staying with you at lunchtime. You will join the Reception children in the hall to eat your lunch. There will be no other children. It will be very quiet and calm and there will be lots of adults to help you. Once you have finished your lunch, you will be able to play in our outdoor area until we begin our learning for the afternoon. 


We hope that the information above helps to answer some of the questions you would usually be asking during our Nursery 'meet and greet.' The safety and happiness of your child will be our main priority when they return in September. As this may be the first time some of you may have joined a nursery setting, we will work our hardest to ensure the children settle into their new environment well and return home happy and inspired. 


We look forward to seeing you all soon.

The nursery team







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Wednesday, 28 October 2020