Welcome to Class Wilbur!


Welcome back from the summer holidays! We hope you all had a great summer break.


The children have settled really well into Class Wilbur and they are quickly learning the new routines in Reception. We are so proud that the children are able to come into school by themselves. This not only teaches them independence but really helps us to keep the children safe and allows them clear access to their pegs and learning environment. Many thanks to you all for being so supportive with this...the children are doing a brilliant job! As you can see from the photographs, they are having a fantastic time exploring the resources available at school.


Our enquiry this half term is based around getting to know the children. It is titled "All About Me" and we will explore aspects such as naming parts of the body and what they are for, keeping healthy, doctors and hospitals, our families and friends, and where we live. The children will have the opportunity to share their experiences and let us learn all about them.


We are having a real focus on name-writing this term, ensuring that letters are formed correctly. Please can you help us with this at home by supporting with name recognition and regular mark-making/writing. We will be sending home reading books and adventure books on Friday, with advice on how to use them. The reading records will include certain letters, sounds and words to learn, to help support what we are doing in class.


We are also securing our knowledge of numbers from 0-5, 0-10, 0-20 and beyond (for those who are ready). Please count and point out numbers in the environment whenever you can to show children how important they are. The children are really good at counting sets of objects but many need more work on recognising what different numbers look like and what their names are. We will be doing a lot of work on this in the coming weeks.


The children have settled into the lunch time routine very well now. They are getting used to seeing all of the other children in school, the different volume levels in the hall and playing on the main playground. We are aware that this takes some getting used to so please let us know if your child still has any major concerns or worries about it. We keep reminding the children to keep their coats/lunchboxes with them. Wherever possible, if they have left them behind, we will endeavour to get them back to the classroom. However, if they do go astray, the lunchtime supervisors take all belongings to 'Lost Property'. Please ask at the reception if you would like to check for lost items here.


Please ensure that ALL items are labelled clearly as we are unable to find the owner if there is no name. Many thanks for labelling indoor shoes etc...this has been very helpful. Please can you double check at home if you are not sure whether you have put a name in, especially jumpers!

(Just a quick reminder about uniform...cardigans are no longer a part of our Uniform Policy).


We have noticed that some of the children do have a lot of bags with them. We suggest the following to help them to manage a little better:

-a book bag to carry reading books, adventure books and any letters or pictures

-a small bag with a change of clothes to be left on their peg (so they don't have to keep taking it home everyday) - no bulky backpacks please


Please note that the children have free access to cups of water throughout the day, as needed, so you do not need to provide a water bottle in Class Wilbur. Also, indoor shoes can stay at school. This means that, at most, children will only need to carry a coat, a book bag and a packed lunch box. We hope this guidance helps.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see us. We are only too happy to help. The children have been fantastic and are a real credit to you all.


Thanks again for your continued support


Miss Glass and Mrs Smith







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Monday, 02 August 2021