Hello and welcome to Class Hussain blog!

Our Enquiry this term has started by looking at how we would survive on a desert island. The children blew me away with their knowledge of clean fresh water, being able to eat plants and animals and creating shelters and fires! So for our Enquiry we had to really challenge ourselves.

This term we are looking at some key places in the United Kingdom and finding out how we would survive there. We will be writing 'survival guides' for parents a long with detailed maps of how we will set up our camps. We can't wait to show you!

We are also looking into healthy eating and the different food groups, and we will be making some bread too!

Please remember P.E kits on Mondays, Library books on Wednesdays and Spelling books on Fridays. Home learning may be sent home on Fridays and I will follow up with a text message when I can!

Thank you all for you support,

Miss Hughes