Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome back everybody!


The Autumn term usually brings Christmas celebrations and Nativities. However, like everything this year, this half-term will be a little different. Despite this, we still aim to give the children in class Acorns the same learning experiences, albeit in a slightly different way. Please find below an overview of the learning that will be taking place this half-term and ways in which you can support the children at home. Our enquiry for this half-term is ‘Once upon a Rhyme’ and we will be exploring a range of texts and nursery rhymes which will support the children in developing their understanding of rhyme.


Literacy, communication and language:


Our key texts this half-term are: Wk1- ‘Owl Babies’, Wk2- ‘Leaf Man’ Wk 3- ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Wk4- ‘The Gingerbread Man’ Wk5- ‘Little Robin Red Vest’ Wk 6- ‘The Nativity, Wk7- ‘The Night Before Christmas’

Alongside these texts we will also be looking closely at key words as part of our ‘Word Aware’ learning. You can support the children in developing their understanding of these concept words by focusing on them in real-life situations e.g. if learning the word ‘first’ emphasise when you crack the first egg in your cake mixture. Run a race together and see who comes first etc. Key words will be shared at the beginning of the week on the Acorn’s blog.




This half-term we will be introducing the children to the ‘Numberblocks’. The children will probably already be familiar with the Numberblocks series, which is frequently played on CBeebies. Alongside the relevant numberblocks episode, we will be exploring each number from 1-5 in detail. This is in order to develop the children’s conceptual understanding of the key mathematical ideas related to that number. For example, some children may be familiar with the number 1 and what the digit looks like. We will explore this further and open out the children’s thinking to explore what else in their environment also represents one: one penny, one side on a circle, one dot on a die/domino.

More details about how you can support your child whilst using numberblocks will be provided in an information leaflet which we will be sending home.


Understanding the world:


Our key focus this half-term will be the changing of the seasons and celebrations. This week we will be exploring bonfire night and firework safety. Next week we will consider remembrance focusing on the importance of the poppy. Please talk to us about this at home.

The Autumn term celebrations always lend themselves to wonderful artwork, so expect some masterpieces coming your way!


This half-term we will also be starting some other new activities:

  • Doh-disco- The children will be taking part in daily doh-disco. These activities build strength in the children’s gross and fine motor muscles which will support their writing development. Take a look on youtube and have a try at home! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K-CQrjI0uY
  • Paint! The children will be learning how to use the painting easel in the next two weeks. We will be modelling how to use the paint carefully and how to clean their brushes between colours ensuring there are no dribbles down the paper! Support us at home by having high expectations of your child’s creations.
  • Name recognition and writing- Every child should have brought home a name recognition activity pack before half-term. If your child did not receive one, please speak to a member of staff. We will continue to encourage children to recognise their name for a variety of purposes in the classroom. Some children are already writing some or all of the letters in their first name! Keep practising and find some interesting ways to engage your child at home in recognising their name.
  • Key worker- your child should have received a letter explaining our key worker provision and who your child’s key worker is. If you have any further questions about this, please speak to a member of the team.


As always, we appreciate your continued support- Mrs Vasconcelos, Mrs Davidson, Mrs Williamson



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Wednesday, 27 October 2021