Welcome Back!

Hello Class Chanel,

First of all, welcome back - and what a super first half term it's been! Everyone has impressed me with their hard work and dedication to their education since returning from lockdown.


We had a very exciting time delving into the Victorian era and emersing ourselves in the literature, economy and lifestyle of the 19th Century. Class Chanel enjoyed learning about life in the slums through 'Oliver Twist' and 'Street Child' and we were able to celebrate the completing of our first class novel of Year 5 with a socially distanced cinema screening of the film version of the famous Dickens story - the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience!


Year 5 have also been applying their learning across the entire curriculum whilst working towards the ultimate goal of designing and building suspension bridges as apprentices of the famous engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The children were asked to apply their Science knowledge on materials, their History knowledge of the Industrial Revolution, along with their DT skills to work as a team in their final challenge - the progress and teamwork demonstrated was staggering!


Next half term, we have even more opportunities to make connections with our learning, as we explore life on the Icelandic island of Heimaey. How are volcanoes made? Why is there a volcano on Heimaey? Why do they erupt? Why do we not have volcanoes near us? How does their life on the island compare with our own? We will be answering these questions next half term - as well as writing imaginative narrative stories about a volcanic eruption! Please keep checking our Twitter page for updates on this exciting new learning!


In addition to great in-school learning, the children will also be able to continue their education at home through Seesaw. Thank you for getting your emails into us so quickly. The children will now be able to access, complete and submit their homework electronically. Alternatively, work can be printed from home and handed in personally by your child, if this is preferred. Homework will be posted shortly on our return to school and I'd also like to remind all parents to continue to ensure regular logins of your child on TTRockstars and Doodle Maths.


Well done this half term, Class Chanel, and I look forward to seeing you all soon for an exciting new half term!

Miss Blenkin







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Tuesday, 11 May 2021