Welcome to a new class year in Class Attenborough.


I am excited to join Malton Community Primary School and Year 5 and looking forward to a fantastic year.


P.E. will be taught on Friday afternoons. Please ensure your child is organised and equipped to take part in the lesson with Mr Allman.


Our line of enquiry this half term is ‘Is growing up optional?’ The children have taken this line of enquiry to develop their understanding of the stages of which a human develops. They will be investigating how our bodies change and develop through the years, e.g. why does your hair turn grey? What happens during puberty?


In Literacy, we have been developing our writing of Fairy Tales and Traditional Stories. The children have been researching various Tales and how they are structured. We have created descriptive character descriptions and fantastic scene settings, using adventurous vocabulary, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses. We are building up to create our own magical Fairy Tale.


Mathematics has started with place value where we have looked at what each number represents and using roman numerals to represent numbers. Once we became fluent in these, we used our knowledge to solve problems and reason. We will be mastering our methods for adding increasingly large numbers, mentally. Once we become fluent with this, we used mathematical language to prove or disprove already completed calculations.

If you need any information or have any questions, you can find me on the Key Stage 2 door at the beginning and end of a day. I am happy to help and am look forward to working with you.


Miss Davis



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Thursday, 16 September 2021