Summer Time!


This half term we will be continuing our work on the classic text Alice in Wonderland. With our own books and group reading books we will also practicing how to express our own opinions about text and listening to others responses. We will continue to practice our skills for reading fluently and answering literal and inference questions.



Excitingly this half term, we will be learning about poetry! We will start by looking at classic the Ted Hudges poem called “The Thistle” and then broaden our learning to look at other poems about nature. We will explore using language to describe effectively and eventually write our own nature poems in the same style as a real poet. We will be performing poems using actions and different voices too. 



This half term we will be learning all about fractions. We will find out how to calculate fractions of shapes and quantities.



Parents and grandparents we need you! Our topic is all about how Malton has changed and stayed the same over time. We will be comparing and contrasting images and maps to help us spot changes and consider why things change or stay the same. If you have any good stories about how Malton has developed or pictures, please email them in. We are discouraging children bringing in photos or items from home still due to Covid 19 restrictions. 



Our focus this half term will be learning how to say the months or the year and days of week. We already know how to count in French so we should be able to say what our birthday is in French by the end of the topic! 



This terms Jigsaw unit will be Relationships. Being able to manage relationships with family and friends isn’t always easy and we learn how some ways resolve conflict and how to ask for help if things aren’t ok. Children will continue to learn about being respectful and understanding rights and needs of themselves and others as part of being a global citizen. 



Due to lockdown earlier this year, we did not have as much time to enjoy our topic using Abba’s music and Mamma Mia. We will be learning to sing along and compare these classic songs and play along with them too. 



For the remainder of the term we will be playing golf! This will include how to hold the golf club, aim accurately towards a target and chose different clubs according to the type of shot they are making. Perhaps practice by enjoying some mini golf at the weekend! 



We are continuing with the theme: movement and feeding. We are looking at both animals and humans. So far, we have looked at how skeletons and muscles provide support, protection, and movement. We will continue this term to set up practical enquiries and to gather, record and present datato help us to answer questions. 



We will be looking at what we can learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong? We will look particularly closely at Christianity and Islam this term



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Wednesday, 27 October 2021