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Hello everyone

I hope you and your families are well. This week seems like it is going to be a very mixed weather week. We have been lucky so far that we have had such nice weather to get outside in but now we'll need to think of ways to occupy our minds indoors a little bit more. On Seesaw you will see a couple of extra activities called 'Optional extras' or 'I'm bored!' and there are plenty of opportunities on there if you find yourself stuck inside this week. 


All of this rain now means that the lovely lettuces I have been growing are getting munched by the slugs and all of the lovely flowers in my garden are being ruined because their heads and petals have become so heavy with the rain. Have any of you been caught out in a rain shower over the last week? There were some really black skies at times weren't there!


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This week the focus is all about the current issue of whether the statues we have erected in our towns, cities and parks are always of the people we would want to remember. You may have seen in the news recently that some statues have been defaced (which means vandalised), because of the links they have with parts of Britain's past which link to oppression of peoples, slavery and colonialism. 


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Discussion points

Questions to consider

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Statue design


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Have a wonderful week. Remember to stay safe and make sensible choices. Keep washing your hands.






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Tuesday, 09 March 2021