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Hello Class Armstrong, How has your week been? In my house we have struggled to stay cool this week, with the incredibly hot weather that we have had. I hope that you have managed to do some learning outdoors and maybe venture out for some nice local walks?

Please check the inbox in Sessaw to check out last week's celebration assembly and see whose work gets a mention. I am still amazed by all of the work that you have been handing in. Some of you have made fantastic progress with your drawing and writing skills over lockdown.


This week's learning activities;

Writing - W/C 29th June - Capital Letters & The Bridge Family

So far in handwriting we have looked at the straight-line family letters l, j, t i
and the coat hanger family; o, c, a, d g. In this session we will be looking
the bridge family. These are r, n, m, h, b, k & p. See the attached sheet.
It is really important that children practise these on lines and they are
sitting at a table with their belly to the table. Please only do 10-15mins of
this. Focus on quality rather than quantity.


Reading - W/C 29th June - The snail and the whale 

Listen to the story then answer the questions then complete the activities (rhyming words and adjectives) on the sheet attached. Do not feel that you have to complete all of the activities on the sheet. Questions 1. Who is the main character? 2. Where is the story set? 3. Is this a fiction or non-fiction book? 4. Why does the whale end up on the beach? 5. How does the snail save the whale? 6. What type of whale is the story about? 7. What does the teacher tell the children to do? 8. What do the other snails think of the travelling snail and do they change their minds in the end? 9. Which countries do you think he visited? 10. Why does the snail hitch a ride on the whale? Extension: If you have time follow this link to watch the full animated version:


Numeracy - W/C 29th June - Recognising coins

This week we will be looking at money. This lesson is all about recognising coins which is such an important skill. Please watch the video There is a worksheet to accompany this which unfortuantely will not load as a hyperlink. Please email me if you would like a copy of this lesson or the whole week's sheets There are lots of games and resources on Twinkl (which are free but you need to register for an account) You may also need a printer. Try typing 'coin bingo' in the search bar. If you do not have access to a printer focus on recognising coins or notes in their piggy banks or wallets.


History - W/C 29th June - Mary Seacole

In this lesson we are going to focus on another instrumental woman from the Victorian period; Mary Seacole. If you have already looked the Picture News lesson for this week you may already know a little about her. Please watch the video and discuss why they think Mary was turned away when she asked to help out in the war. Make reference to the 'Black lives matter' campaign that has been in the news and discuss if they think it was fair that she was judged by the colour of her skin. Do the think it is fair that many people remember Florence but not Mary?

Choose one of the comprehension activities (1=easy 3=harder) Read the information (or get them to read it if they can) and then complete the questions. is a great video at explaining and comparing the efforts of both Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole had on history. It is from Horrible Histories - Victorians.


Science - W/C 29th June - Animals and their needs

In the last session children linked their learning with the parts of their bodies to that of animals. In this session they will be comparing animals, extending the number of animals that they know and beginning to look at what animals need. Starter: Look at the worksheet attached of an open human and hippo's mouth, what is the same about them and what is different. See if they can name three for each. Answers include; both have a mouth, teeth and a tongue. They are different because, our teeth are at the front of our mouths, our teeth are similar but a hippo has some big some small teeth, we cannot open our mouths as wide as them. Next, you are going to try to think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Write all of the letters of the alphabet down the side of a piece of paper and then take it in turns to suggest an animal. You might find this website helpful

Research what each animal looks like if they have never heard of them before. Finally, introduce the word 'extinct' and discuss why some species of animals have died out? Discuss what animals and us need to survive. These are; water, food, air, space, shelter. There is a short explanation of this on BBC Bitesize


Picture News Assembly - 29th June - Statues

Watch the attached video, answering any questions or discussing the ideas with an adult. Next, complete the sheet attached (you or a family member pose as a statue, take a photo or draw it) Extension - If you have time you could research if the famous Victorians that we have studied (Florence Nightingale, Charles Darwin & Grace Darling) have statues anywhere in the UK? If so where? Please note - Completing this lesson will help with the History task for this week!


OPTIONAL EXTRA - W/C 29th June - Spellings

Here are the optional weekly spellings. Just as last week's, I have added two onto the school list to review some of the Set 3 RWI sounds. Please give them to your child early in the week and test them whenever you feel they are ready.








OPTIONAL EXTRA - W/C 29th June - Active Monopoly

It is really important that as well as exercising our minds whilst we are learning from home, that we work our bodies too. In our house, we have been doing Joe Wicks and more recently, daily Just Dance brain breaks. Taking breaks from sitting, writing and listening is essential for our well-being as well as our productivity. Each day you should be doing at least 60mins of physical activity. This game is just one idea of how to get active. This week's optional extra task is a game of 'Active Monopoly'. To play it you will need the game a little space, some willing players and a dice.

I look forward to marking your work

Mrs Miller



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