pig heart boy

Can I start by saying a massive thank you to all the parents who have helped their child with their half term project; I was overwhelmed by the effort some children put in!


We have concluded our enquiry through reading some creative writing and publishing some abstract art posters which represent our view point of August.

Our new enquiry is based on the book pig heart boy and the children have enjoyed exploring the circulatory system, especially dissecting a real pig heart! We are currently still in our transition period but I cannot wait to see our interesting questions and wonders!


This half term we are going to be taking WAGOLLS away from the children to help build up their independence as writers. We will start with a balance argument based on whether it is right to use animal organs in transplants. As a class we have reflected on how we learn spellings and have decided to make it more active so this week the children have been exploring their spellings through cheerleading!


We have started this week by exploring area and perimeter and will cover more reasoning topics over this term. We will continue with weekly arithmetic and times tables testing.

Over all-

It has been great to see so many children signed up for SATS club on Tuesday and Thursday, I can only stress how important attending SATS club is.

Just a reminder that all children need to have indoor shoes this half term otherwise they cannot go out for stretch. 



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Thursday, 16 September 2021