PHSE update

Welcome to the first PHSE update of the year. This page will be updated regularly so that we can share the variety of ways in school that we promote pupils’ personal, health and social education.


Our curriculum for PHSE

At Malton Community Primary School our PHSE curriculum is divided into four key overarching themes:


Personal Development

Healthy and Safe

Citizenship and Values

Employability skills


Through coverage of these areas we aim to support pupils in developing the following characteristics:

  • Caring and cooperative
  • Active and healthy
  • Respectful and tolerant
  • Aspiring and resourceful


Our PHSE curriculum is delivered through discrete teaching and as part of class enquiry lessons, within focus days and House Innovation Days and also through whole school, phase and house assemblies.


Phase and House assemblies

During this first half term our phase assemblies have focused on pupils being able to recognise a range of feelings and how they can communicate these to others; to recognise how others show feelings and how to respond. Pupils in KS2 have been learning about how to recognise and respond appropriately to a wider range of feelings in others.


Weekly House assemblies enable pupils to learn about a diverse range of topical events which are local, regional and global. These opportunities allow pupils to appreciate the range of national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the United Kingdom andto consider the lives of people living in other places, and people with different values and customs. During the Autumn term, we have explored events such as World Mental Health Day, European Day of Languages, Black History Month and the International Day of Peace.


Whole school assembly: enterprise and aspirations

Our weekly whole school assemblies this year will include regular visitors with the aim to broaden pupils’ experiences and to raise their aspirations of what they can achieve. We have invited members of the local community and beyond to speak to the pupils about their careers, achievements and what they have had to do in order to succeed.


Our first visitor this year was Phil Saltonstall, a local businessman, who very kindly came to talk to the children about his current role running Brass Castle Brewery but also about his varied and extremely interesting previous careers. These included working as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy, as a diplomat with the United Nations and also with the Coastguard Search and Rescue. The children were enthralled to hear all of the stories and information that Phil shared: he even came dressed in his uniform and brought props from his time in the Navy. This was a fantastic and inspiring start to our new visitor assemblies and the pupils learned about the value of hard work, determination and also how skills in a range of subjects could lead to different opportunities in the future. Our Year 6 pupil leaders prepared questions to ask Phil about his career, including: ‘Which of your jobs have you enjoyed the most and why?’ and ‘Why did you change jobs instead of keeping the same one?’. 


Our next visitor of the term was Abbigail Ollive, Head of Marketing at Castle Howard, who was generous in taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to attend our assembly. She gave us a really in depth view of her role at Castle Howard and what a typical day might look like for her. The children were really engaged to learn about what makes someone successful at marketing and how each day could be totally different including visits from film crews or special events. They also learned that subjects such as ICT, Geography, Languages and Maths were the key to success as well as one of our learner characteristics: communication. Our Year 6 pupil leaders interview Abbi to find out more and one of the questions that they asked was: 'What do you enjoy the most about your job at Castle Howard?' Abbi told us that she felt incredibly privileged to work in such a beautiful area of the country and in such wonderful, inspiring surroundings. 


We have more exciting visitors planned for the rest of the Autumn term including an artist and a solicitor. If you or someone you know would be willing to take part in our future assemblies to share your career with the pupils we would be very grateful: please speak to a member of the Admin team.



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Saturday, 19 September 2020