Ou Habites Tu?

Hello to all of you now in Team Adams!


We (Mrs Breckon and Miss Harrison) are delighted to be teaching Year 4 and so far, after a great transition period and restful summer, have hit the ground running!

As a class we decided to endeavour to be the best that we can possibly be ... at all times and are busy spotting children who are doing just that. 

Our writing focus this half term is explanations and we have commenced the year by proving ourselves to be skilled authors, engaging and informing the reader. All of the children should be encouraged to practise their handwriting at home and practise their spellings regularly in order to help their house win the weekly spelling test in Class Adams. 

Our maths focusses on reading, writing and ordering numbers with up to 5 digits and understanding the place value of numbers before moving onto addition and subtraction. We have greatly enjoyed learning to use Roman numerals. Class Adams are also working hard to learn their 6, 7 and 9 x tables off by heart - remember to encourage them to use the Times Tables Rockstar website for this. 

As our Enquiry title suggests we are channel-hopping to take a closer look at France. We wanted to discover 'What are French towns like?', 'Why might you want to visit France?' and 'What is the Tour de France?'. We have explored the countryside of France and where we might like to go on holiday and why. We thoroughly enjoyed our day as French school children and learned the colours as well as classroom instructions and other essential phrases. The children picked up the new vocabulary quickly and were keen to use it. 


In coming weeks we will be enquiring about French artists and Impressionism as well as learning the skills required to make our own Impressionist art. We are also very excited for our visit to Malton Cookery School next week!




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Wednesday, 27 October 2021