Mad about minibeasts

We have had a busy start in nursery this half term. We welcome 4 new starters into Class Potter, the children are quickly making friends and learning the nursery routines.


This half term the children have been very excited to discover all the different insects appearing outdoors. Each week we will explore a different insect using a book and a rhyme to develop the childrens interest. Over the course of the half term children will learn that information can not only be found in books but also on the computer as well. Outside we are encouraging the children to care for the animals and the environment.  The children are already creating homes using the leaves, grass and twigs and observe with interest as the insects are exploring their new environments. We have already created lots of art and craftwork linked to insects.


The summer term is always a busy one in nursery with lots happening. Many of the children will be preparing for their transition into reception over the next few months.  To help this transition we are encouraging children to become more independent with their needs and we ask for your support with this as well.  Children will need to be able to change into their own indoor and outdoor shoes in reception please make sure that your child has changed their shoes before they enter the classroom each day and have placed their outdoors shoes neatly under their peg. At the end of the day please make sure children leave their indoor shoes at school under their peg ready for the next morning.  It is really important that they learn to do this for themselves before September.


Most children are now recognising their own names. To support us with this please make sure that the children self register on arrival to nursery and place their name on the necessary board.  Please let the children find their own name rather than giving it to them.  As the weather becomes warmer children are now more inclined to take off their jumpers, please make sure they are clearly named so they can be returned to you. Any un-named clothing will be placed in a box. We are also challenging children to write their own names either independently or copying from their name card. We plan lots of different activities to encourage name writing at nursery to help develop their confidence. You can help practice this at home as well.


Sitting and listening for short periods of time is required for children to succeed when starting school. We do lots of activities in nursery to promote this but you can help at home by sharing stories with your children daily and encouraging them to sit, listen and focus on what is being said.  


Over the summer term we have planned several meetings for parents to attend to support the transition into reception. These include a general starting school meeting and also a maths workshop. Please look out for these letters in your child's bag over the next few weeks.


Many thanks,


Mrs Smith and Mrs Chaplin





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Saturday, 19 October 2019