Leaf man is here!

Leaf man is here!

Thank you to everyone who returned their autumn bags full of wonderful natural goodies. We have enjoyed talking about the shapes and colours of the different leaves and all the fruits and seeds which have fallen from them. 


Literacy, communication and language

This week we are exploring the text ‘Leaf man.’ It is a wonderful story about a leaf ‘pile’ who is at the mercy of the wind. You can find a version of the story to share at home by clicking on the link below: 

As well as making our own leaf men and other leaf creatures, we are also exploring the meaning of the words: pile, drift and caught. We will be unpicking the meaning of these words during our ‘word aware’ sessions as well as experiencing these words during our play and outdoor activities. You can support your child at home by finding real-life examples of each word e.g by praising your child when they have ‘caught the ball, by inviting them to help you fold the ‘pile of washing. 



We will be continuing to explore the number 1 during our maths activities this week. We have been singing the song ‘One finger, one thumb’. The link below will take you to the version of the song we have been singing together.

As well as this, we are also thinking about other things which can be counted which are not objects. Try this at home by counting: hops, jumps, how many times you ’caught’ the ball etc. 

This week we are also introducing the children to simple games to develop their ability to subitise (immediate recall of a number of objects without having to count them) If you would like to find out more information about subitising, the link below will take you to an excellent website which explains Early Number Sense. We will be playing dice games, which we will build upon each week, to develop the children’s ability to subitise up to six objects. 

Other activities:

Doh-disco- We have started our daily doh-disco sessions and the children are loving it! Play-doh is a fantastic resource to develop young children’s shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger strength ready for writing. If you have some at home, please encourage your child to roll, pat and mould. You can use the link from our previous Acorns post to have a try at home!

Name recognition and writing- We have introduced the children to finding their name at snack time. Some children are showing interest in writing their name, so we have placed the children’s names on bubble wrap in order for them to ‘feel’ the shape of the letters before they try writing them. 

HovisLast week the children met Hovis the Hedgehog and we discussed firework/ bonfire safety as well as the impact on wildlife. We have also made some ‘Hovis homes’ in our wildlife area. Help us to consolidate the children’s understanding of seasonal changes by discussing hibernation and autumn at home. 

Remembrance- In Acorns we will be exploring remembrance through creating our own poppies and watching the CBeebies clip below. We will be discussing the poppy as a symbol of hope and exploring what this word means. 

Nursery routines:

Thank you to those children who have routinely been returning their reading books on a Monday or Wednesday. Just a reminder that, due to safer working rulesaround COVID, we are required to quarantine books for 72 hours before we can change them. To ensure we can change the children’s books as often as possible, we will return books sent in on Monday on Wednesday and return books sent in on Wednesday on Friday. Please remember to record in your child’s reading record when they have read at home.

With the wet weather well and truly upon us, please send your child to school with a pair of wellington boots so they can access the messier parts of the outdoor area. 


Finally, … Please keep practising your child’s name recognition and writing activities at home. It has been lovely to hear about the children’s enthusiasm with this activity. We are seeing the same level of engagement in the classroom too!


Have a super week, Mrs Vasconcelos, Mrs Davidson and Mrs Williamson



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Tuesday, 09 March 2021