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Well, another week has passed and for some of us life is slowly getting back to the old normal. This week some of you are in school and today many more shops are able to open again. It was a refreshing change to see such rain last week! Although we hadn't had any rain for weeks, I soon tired of not being able to get outside as much. Did any of you manage to have some wet welly walks or rainy adventures?


Picture News - Money Management

Here are the resources which you will need for this week's Virtual Assembly

Picture News virtual assembly - Money Management or Picture News assembly picture

Learning from Home ideas sheet

Assembly resource - pocket money discussion

Challenge 1 - Money Box Design

Challenge 2 - Currency


Refugee Week

You should also be aware that is is Refugee Week this week. The theme of Refugee Week 2020, Imagine, is an invitation to imagine –and fight for –the world we want to see.

Please watch this short film and spend time considering the reality of being a refugee and the hope for a better world. 

A grandfather with his granddaughter escape their ruined planet in search of a time/place on earth that will accept them: Babylon 570 BC, Rome 100 AD or London 2018 AD?

Space Refugees

Space Refugees discussion


Finally, I hope you are all feeling OK. I have attached a few links to some websites that have wonderful ideas for ways to beat boredom or maintain calm. 


1. Have a challenge in your family to see who can stay in one place for the longest - in our house the winner stayed on the trampoline for 6.5 hours! Hint: take snacks and activities with you!

2. Here are some Engineering and Science challenges which will not require too many resources.

3. Set yourself a project - grow something to eat, keep a diary of the exercise you have done.

4. Tidy and declutter your room (this is more fun than it sounds!). You may find things you had forgotten about?

5. Send your teachers your leavers videos and memories






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Wednesday, 27 October 2021