It's  finally here, the last week of term! Well done to all of you for staying postive throughout it all and working so hard in such uncertain times. You have all made me so proud! I am sad not to have completed the year with you all in class, but I will see you all in September. This is the last set of home learning that I will be setting. School is due to finish on Wednesday so you may not complete all of the activities but do as much as you can. This week's activities;


Writing - W/C 13th July - All about me

As this is the last week of term it seems like a good opportunity to give your new teacher Miss Lackenby a little bit of information about yourselves. Please print off the attached template and complete each section. I will pass all work submitted onto Miss Lackenby.

PSHE - W/C 13th July - Mixed Feelings

In the last PSHE lesson we explored some of the feelings that the lockdown has brought. We will be continuing with this in this lesson. 1. Read the words on the attached sheet to your child, discuss the meaning of the words and get them to position them in order ranging from feelings they like to those they find difficult (they can write on the sheet) 2. Talk to your child about how they deal with the difficult ones. Do they.... cry, laugh, stamp their feet, shout, get angry, run away, hid, tense their fists, close their eyes, say unkind things? 3. Watch the short clips on bbcbitesize which will explore feelings and ways to deal with feelings.

Reading - W/C 13th July - Last Day Blues

I was really impressed with how well you all did with the phonics screener test last week. You really showed that you have remembered all of the work that did in the first term and a half. I am really proud of you all. This week is the last week of Year 1 and therefore either the last week of home schooling or school. The text is it is all about a group of children's last week of school. After reading it, try to answer the questions. They DO NOT need to write the answers down.

1. What is the name of the teacher?

2. What is Shannon going to miss?

3. Who is going to miss chocolate and pizza?

4. What does Miss Hartwell wear for science?

5. What does Mrs Hartwell bring into school on Wednesday?

6. Who thought of the idea for the present?

7. What does ‘privacy’ mean?

8. What does ‘peeking’ mean?

9. What is their surprise?

10. What Mrs Hartwell sad when the children left?

11. How do you know?

12. Do you think this school is in England? Can they explain why they think this?

13. Do you think teachers hate the holidays?

Picture News Assembly - W/C 13th July - Holidays

Watch this week's assembly answering any questions raised. Then decide where your dream holiday would be and draw or write about the items that you would need to pack on the suitcase template.

Numeracy - W/C 13th July - Time

Last week we were looking at finding halves and quarter of numbers. This week we are moving onto the final area of work which is time. Watch the video of you that are familiar with the o'clock times you may wish to move onto half past. There are plenty of worksheets on to support you with this. Please reinforce this lesson by referring to the time throughout the week eg "oh look, it's 12 o'clock so its lunch" or "in an hour it will be time for bed. What time does that make bedtime?"

Art - Optional Extra - W/C 13th July - Patterns

In the last few lessons we have been inspired by other artists patterns and created one ourselves using collage. In this lesson we will be drawing our own. Once again you will need to decide what shape you will base your piece on. It could be circular, square or any other shape with symmetry in it. You will need to work out what medium you are going to use (felt tips, crayons, paints, pastels) To make your pattern interesting make sure you vary the shapes, marks and marks BUT ensure you repeat them over and over again. See the attached example.


Thank you Class Armstrong for being such a fantastic class!

Happy Holidays!