Home Learning and updates 15.2.2019

  • Please remeber to bring your Anglo Saxon costume in to wear on Tuesday for our landing.
  • We have our school trip to Ryedale Folk Museum on Wednesday please dress for the weather.
  • Some people are still bringing juice in their water bottles rather than water.
  • P.E. bags can be taken home on Thursday for washing over half term because we do not have P.E. on Friday due to innovation day.


Home Learning:

  1. TTRS
  2. Regular reading. Get an adult to ask you questions about what you have read.
  3. Spellings: 'sure'. Write a sentence for each of these spellings.
  • measure
  • treasure
  • pleasure
  • leisure
  • closure
  • enclosure
  • exposure
  • measurement
  • leisurely


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