Creative writers

We have finished our enquiry around I Wonder with some shared writing and a visit to the cinema to watch the film. Can I thank all the parents who have supported their children to create their own creative write projects at home.

This enquiry we are looking at becoming creative writers and twisting the traditional tales. Some of our wonders so far are, “Why is the step mother always evil?”, “Why is the hero always a man?” and “Are fairy tales the same in different countries?”  So far the children have been immersed in fairy tales through our classroom environment and have already created a twisted fairytale newspaper article.

Core subjects

In big reading this half term we have focused on word meaning and we can use the text around the word we don’t understand to help with our comprehension, can you ask your child to show you this at home? Additionally, we have been embedding reading skills within mini enquiries. So far the children have enquired around America and now the stone age. In numeracy we have been re-capping all the key calculations. Every Friday the children will be given their arithmetic papers to take home and we would like them to evidence them either teaching you where they went wrong or practicing a skill they struggle with.

Home learning

Firstly, can I say a massive thank you for all the support we had for Times Table Rockstar day, the children enjoyed in immensely. The children now have their passwords and should be accessing Times Table Rockstars daily at home, to help with their speed and accuracy. In addition to this children will receive a homework sheet and spellings every Friday to be completed for the following Friday. Currently, there is a cohort of children who regularly struggle to bring homework in, if you would like support with this please get in contact or the children can do their homework on a Wednesday lunch at homework club.



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Thursday, 16 September 2021