Can I tell you a story

Welcome back Class Fletcher for the second half of the Spring term.  We hope that all the children and their families had a lovely half term break and enjoyed the lovely, warm sunshine.


Last week the children celebrated Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day.  Over the course of the week the children shared their favourite stories in class as well as preparing and eating their own pancakes.  Towards the end of the week the children enjoyed a classic children's picture book "The Tiger who came to to tea." The children were challenged to write a shopping list for Sophie's mum, just incase the tiger came back! The children also began to compose and write their own simple sentences retelling the story and then made up their own oral versions with different animals visiting!  In numeracy we looked at repeating patterns, children were challenged to copy, complete and create their own repeating patterns.  Throughout the process children were challenged to articulate their mathematical reasoning.


Over the course of this half term the children will be learning to retell traditional tales and develop their understanding of story structure.  The children will be beginning with The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  They have already heard the story and joined in with the repetetive phrases. To build on this the children will be acting out the story, hotseating the characters and learning songs to retell the story.  To ensure the children are applying their reading and writing skills they will also be sequencing pictures, simple sentences and then composing their own written work.  Towards the end of the reception year it is important that children write in a range of genres so they will learn to write wanted posters for the troll, simple recipes for the troll to try and also their own retelling of the story.  Please read this story with your child if you have it at home or bring into school if you have alternative versions.


In numeracy the children will continue to master numbers to 10 in detail.  They will focus on numbers 8 and 9.  Throughout the week children will develop a deeper understanding of mathematical conceptions and have secure number sense that is essential for mathematical development as they move through out school.  Children will learn to recognise numbers as numerals, tallys, words, their position on the numberline and 100 square. They will secure their concept of counting by representing numbers in a variety of ways for example 8 objects, 8 pence, recording as 8 pictures.  The children will also develop their understanding of number composition - the different ways an 8 can be made eg (1+7, 2+6, 3+5, 4+4) and what happens when we subtract from 8.  Children will learn to solve simple problems eg Can I double eight? How can I share 8 equally?


Home Reading

Reading books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays.  Mrs Davidson will oversee the changing of books and rainbow words.  Please keep practicing the rainbow words with children daily. Once children can read on sight all 10 of their rainbow words they will then be given the next set.  These will be checked  throughout the week. Thank you to all parents who are volunteering in Class Fletcher and supporting Mrs Vasconcelos with listening to readers.


In Mrs Vasconcelos' absence Mrs Smith, lead for EYFS, has undertaken the planning for Class Fletcher and will oversee the provision and learning.  Mrs Davidson will continue to take observations of the children and Mrs Vasconcelos will upload these on to learning journals on her returm.  Learning journals are updated on a half termly basis as they provide an overview of learning and progress for each half term. We appreciate that these have not been published for the first half term but they will be on Mrs Vasconcelos' return. Please continue to upload your own evidence as this is vital for teachers to ensure we have a whole picture of your child's learning and contribute to their assessments.



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Saturday, 19 October 2019