Acorns Activity Thursday

Good Morning Everyone.

Thoughts on Thursday

Today, on 9th April, it is Maundy Thursday. This celebrates the last supper that Jesus had with his disciples. Do you share meals with your family? What is your favourite meal? At the supper Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. It showed Jesus’s humility. He didn’t think he was better than others. No matter what you believe, can you do something kind for someone today? Maybe you could help in the house, share a toy, or just tell them you love them.

Math Challenge

Can you make your own dot to dot challenge with objects such as pennies, stones or tin cans? Use your fingers to jump from one to another. You must say the number in order as you land on the object. Maybe you could label the objects with marks for the numbers? How many can you count up to?

Story Sounds

Can you re tell your favourite story or rhyme with sound effects and actions. What noise did the Giant make when fell down the beanstalk? What sound does the wolf make when he blows the house down? Can you make a story up with sound effects?

Easter Ideas

Here’s an old-fashioned idea! How about making an Easter Bonnet or Hat?

The Easter bonnet actually originated as a European tradition. People would wear new clothes and hats to celebrate the coming of spring and meaning of Easter. Spring and Easter signal new life and rebirth. The first bonnets were circles of leaves and flowers to show the cycle of the seasons.


Have a thoughtful Thursday

Mrs Vasconcelos, Mrs Loseby and Mrs Adderley.









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