Acorns Activities

Good Morning Everyone.

Yesterday I went for a walk around Hyde Park in Leeds. I am isolating in Leeds. I was so excited! I found a dinosaur’s footprint and then a giant’s footprint! I will try to send the photos. They were massive!!

 I wonder... Was the dinosaur the Giant’s pet? Did the dinosaur eat the Giant? Can you create a picture of what you think may have happened?


Patterns in the Picture

As I walked, I looked at all the patterns around me. There were dried mushrooms, blossom on the trees, different types of buildings.  What patterns can you see in your house, garden, or walks. Can you talk about the different and similar (same) patterns? I wonder what patterns do.


My Super Story

Stories are all around us, to watch and listen to. They are in books, comics, pictures, on the radio and TV. What is your favourite story? Can you imagine being part of the story? What would you do? Can you act out part of the story, or use toys to act the story out?


Math Matters

The rainbow a symbol of hope at this time. Can you create your own rainbow? How many colours are there? Can you create a pattern using the rainbow colours? If you stretched a rainbow flat, what would be the longest and shortest colour?


Easter Ideas

There are lots of different ways of decorating eggs. Here is one. Carefully tie onion skins around eggs using elastic bands or string. Put into cold water and boil for 7 to 10 minutes. Cool down before unwrapping. Try red onions too. I’m going to have a go it out too.


Have a terrific Tuesday!

Mrs Vasconcelos, Mrs Loseby and Mrs Adderley.










I Spy

Play this game to practise listening and saying the first sound (phoneme) in words. Why not collect objects whose names begin with letters from your name? Put the objects onto a tray and see who guesses right.

Monday Math

Matching and Sorting Socks

Get all the clean socks you can find. Best ask permission first. Can you sort them into pairs (groups of 2) of matching socks? Are there any odd socks? How many altogether. Do you have an even or odd number? I wonder what the words ‘even’ and ‘odd’ mean?


For Christians everywhere, yesterday was Palm Sunday. This is when we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Cheering crowds laid palms down for the donkey, Jesus was riding, to walk on. A bit like a red carpet. The people had heard wonderful things about Jesus and where coming to welcome him. This coming week I will be investigating Easter, an important Christian festival.

We are all of different faiths and no faith. However, we can celebrate the goodness in others. I will use this blog to learn about other faiths and people who have inspired us to do our best.


Here is the link to Boom Chicka Boom Enjoy!

Mrs Loseby xxx





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Saturday, 04 July 2020