Hello Everyone

I hope you are all okay and getting through these days. Helping me get through is by looking at all the learning and activities you have been doing. It really makes me feel glad to see smiling faces, teamwork and a ‘I can do it’ attitudes.

Here are some activities which you could have a go at.

Fine Motor Skills (to help promote a good pencil grip.)

Use a range of tweezers, tongs , chopsticks to pick up marbles, pasta, seeds, bottle tops, pom poms, buttons etc etc. Can you carefully place them onto a piece of card to create a picture?

Cut up some pieces if wool into small worms and use the tweezers to feed the birds. You could cut out pictures of birds, draw one or make one from any junk.

Listening for Literacy

When I go to stay in a city, all I can hear are the people and traffic. Now it is quieter I can hear more sounds such as the wind whistling and birds singing. If you are able to go for a walk, listen out for the sounds you can hear. Can you say the sounds? Or, turn the TV and radio off, open your wind and listen...

Crazy Finger Hopscotch Challenge.

Try this to learn to count to 10. Use your fingers to Hopscotch ! Make a mini hopscotch board. My photo will not upload at the moment. Make sure you hop or jump onto each square in order and say the number name. Can you make your own ?

On this Day

April is National Pet Month. Why not draw a picture and tell a story about your pet? Or create a pet?

The Day My Pet ... Flew to Mars!


A bright yellow helicopter has just landed in the park. When it took off it was so windy it wobbled a little. Can you make a superhero vehicle?

Keep safe everyone

Mrs Loseby xxx