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Hello everyone

We hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunshine. Gardens are really starting to bloom and buzz with life. Do you like gardening? How about having a go at growing your own vegetables or herbs.

Eid al-Fitr.

Last weekend Muslims throughout the world celebratedEid al-Fitr. This is the’ festival of breaking the fast’ and it marks the end of Ramadan. The celebrations begin the day after a new moon is seen. After visiting the mosque, Muslims greet each other with words such as ‘Eid Mubarak’ which means 'blessed holiday'. Children are given gifts of presents and money from the adults, and there are feasting and merriment. Remembering a pillar of their faith, the people give donations to the poor.

Other values of Eid al-Fitr are courage, determination and perseverance. These are ideals which we can all have as we live, work and play.

The moon plays an important role in the month of Ramadan and the festival of Eid a-Fitr.

Here is a lovely story to watch and listen to. It demonstrates values that all people, regardless of race, colour or creed, can show towards each other.

Africa Day

On Monday 25th May it was Africa Day. The original aim of this day is for all the countries of Africa to come together in unity and freedom. However, as time has passed there are more purposes to this day, including empowerment of women (girl power!), peace, health, dignity and justice. These are all things that we want for our children regardless of our culture and traditions.

Here is a video of children learning African dance and drumming. You need to scroll to see the primary video. sort

These are great to watch too!

Why not decorate your own drums. or make some shakers. Use old tubs, boxes and bottles. Look on the internet to research African art and music. Then, have a go at creating your own patterns and beats.


From this Thursday evening to Saturday evening, Jewish people will be celebrating the festival of ‘Shavuot’. They remember that Moses brought down a very special book called the Torah from Mount Sinai. Torah means teachings in Hebrew and it taught the people how to live their lives. The ten commandments come from the Torah. Can you find out what they are? We all live by guidelines and sets of values that allow us to work and play together safely and securely. Why not have a chat about the ‘rules’ that your family have to ensure happiness and peace.

It is also a celebration of the end of the grain harvest and the beginning of the fruit harvest. People bring offerings of fruit as a gift to God. Another custom is to decorate synagogues with flowers during Shavuot. This is because flowers bloomed on Mount Sinai just before the Torah was given to Moses.

How about making a fruit salad or fruit kebabs to share?

Maybe you could create your own Mount Sinai and decorate with painted or made flowers. I found that I could make a mountain by cutting into the middle of a circle and then moving the two cut sides together to create the cone shape.

Keep well and safe everybody. We miss you.

Mrs. Vasconcelos, Mrs. Loseby and Mrs. Adderley.



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Saturday, 04 July 2020