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Recently, I have come across messages, painted on pebbles and wood, thanking the NHS and asking us to stay safe. They were brightly decorated with rainbows, butterflies and flowers. The rainbow has become a logo, a message of hope to cheer people up in this strange time.

If you look around your house, you will find signs and logos on clothes, food packets, bottles, boxes, and on TV. A logo is a sign or symbol that is a ‘message’ about a thing. Sometimes the logo is a word and sometimes a picture. Ask a grownup to point them out to you. Why not collect logos and signs from packets and make a collage from them? Can you match some letters to those in your name? Why not create a logo or sign for your name or something special to you?

At school, we had started learning about positional language – on top, underneath, next to, beside, etc. As you read together, discuss where things are. Where is the mouse? Is it on the log? You could also talk about size. What is bigger, smaller, longer, taller. Can you prove it? How?

On Thursday, 30th April, it is Buddha’s Birthday. Siddhartha Gautama was a Prince who gave up his life of luxury to become the Buddha. You can find out more here:-

Learning about Buddhism is maybe something for older children. Maybe you could watch the following clips with grown-ups and older brothers and sisters and chat about how some of the good messages we can all share.

This week also sees the Cheung Chau Bun Festival.

A long time ago, a great plague killed many people on the island of Cheung Chau. The islanders asked the god Pak Tai to chase the wicked spirits, that were causing the plague, from the island. They did this by parading statues through narrow streets. It worked! The evil fled and the people became healthy again. They celebrated with a fantastic festival in which folk dressed up, made papier-mâché models Pak Tai, climbed towers of buns and children balanced high on platforms as if they were floating. There are lion dances, drums, music and parades.

Check these websites out to find out more.

Why not...

...have a go at making some steamed buns? The recipe is too long to put here, however if you type in ‘Mantou steamed buns’ into a search engine you will find instructions.

...try some mindfulness and meditation, visit

...dress up and have your own parade.

... find the Chinese character for peace, you could have a go at copying it or making up your own sign for peace.

On the 1st of May, we could celebrate ‘May Day.’ This is an ancient rural festival which celebrates Spring and the sowing of seeds. May Day traditions include crowning a May Queen, dancing around a Maypole, wearing flowers in your hair or even dressing up in a green leaf costume.

Why not...

... plant some flower seeds.

... make a May Day Crown.

... collect leaves and make a picture of a Green man.

... make your own May Pole from sticks and ribbons.

... investigate ideas and activities by typing May Day traditions and activities into your search engine.

Lastly, a characteristic of learning is to ‘play and explore. You can do this by being curious, using your senses to discover, following your own ideas, just playing...

Keep safe, miss you all.

Mrs Vasconcelos, Mrs Loseby and Mrs Adderley.



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Saturday, 04 July 2020