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Hello Everyone.

How are you all. It has probably been quite an unusual Easter weekend for many. Just to let you know that our love and best wishes are with you.

I have been searching the internet for snippets of information and have found out that tomorrow is the festival of Vaisakhi (va-SAH-kee"). This a is the festival, celebrated by Sikhs, celebrates the start of a new solar year, and new harvest season.

People perform a traditional folk dance known as the Bhangra during the festival.

On Vaisakhi, people dance the Bhangra while wearing bright costumes, which helps bring a splash of colour to the day’s celebrations.

Why not put on your brightest clothes, don/put on some scarves and dance around the living room to some Bhangra music. There are some upbeat versions on the internet.

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Math Challenge

I have been looking around my house to see how many numbers I can see. They are everywhere. I wonder if you could go on a number/numeral hunt. Which room has the most? Where are they hiding?

Sensational Stories

What is your favourite story? Can you create a picture book? What would the front cover look like?

Have a great Tuesday.

Mrs Loseby, Mrs Vasconcelos and Mrs Adderley



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Saturday, 04 July 2020