A warm welcome back after October half - term holiday ...

Hello and a warm welcome back to Class Earhart,


I hope you are feeling strong and well as we enter this new and exciting chapter of primary schools remaining open across the country. This means children will be able to continue learning well and make great strides with their progress. Across the school, we have implemented a new and robust daily timetable which combines safety and learning and we are pleased to announce that our children are working very sensibly with this. I am sure we can say the same about the little pixie who has been shovelling glitter in to our soap though. Good news parents, it’s working!

Our learning journey in writing will begin with The Snow Dragon by Abi Elphinstone. In writing, the Year 2 children will be establishing the difference between a question and a statement and devising their own expanded noun phrases to write a rich description as a powerful writer this term. Information texts will invite us to study Winter Sleep by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss. The children will learn to write about a variety of animals who snuggle somewhere secret, sheltered and safe during the winter. Did you know that mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds have different kinds of winter sleep? All books are available from Amazon, Waterstones and many other bookshops, if you would like to follow along with your child at home this term.

In mathematics, the children are revising the partitioning of numbers to prepare for confident calculating later this term; addition and subtraction. Your child will utilise the number line and number bonds this term to ease mental calculation methods.

In reading, we are focussing on developing our fluency (mainly expression and intonation) and teachers across the school are modelling this daily to children. Class Earhart has been starting to have a little try at this too which has been completely heart-warming to hear.

Foundation subjects will take us on a journey to identify different materials in Chemistry and suggesting uses for them. In geography, we will study Kampong Ayer and its physical and human features. Once we have in-depth knowledge of this, we will compare it with our locality. The children will be attending official meetings in PSHE where they will be able to speak confidently about positive and negative behaviours in our class and how they impact those around us in the classroom as well as learning to identify signs of bullying and resources to work constructively with this should it ever arise.

Please find below some helpful information:

Yellow folder: Please ensure your child brings this to school each day with all of their important documents inside (reading book, spelling book etc).

PE will be taught on a Friday afternoon.

Spelling test and new spellings will be delivered on a Monday morning.

Home learning (writing, reading, maths and a foundation subject activity)will now move to Seesaw. This will be set every Friday. Please refer to Miss Harrison’s included blog for how this works.

If you require any support at all or would like to share anything with me about your child’s learning journey, you are encouraged to hold a socially distanced conversation outside of the Year 2 classroom. For more personal matters and longer conversations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school office and I will happily provide you with a private telephone appointment.


My very best wishes,

Miss Amy Lackenby – Class Teacher



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Friday, 22 January 2021